Full Portfolio

American Red Cross

Slogan development

"Do more than cross your fingers," slogan for emergency-preparedness campaign

Asian American Civic Association

Tagline Development

Tagline covering a variety of immigrant services: "Educate. Empower. Employ."


Tagline Development

"Intelligence to move forward," new tagline that communicates the company's thoughtfulness and accurate, actionable data


Tagline Creation

"Everybody, Everywhere," new tagline for ICQ, the very first instant-messaging company


Medical Device Naming and Tagline

Name and tagline—"Pure & Simple"—for the new molecular purification system from Purigen Bio

The Nature Conservancy

Tagline development

Added “on Earth” to the existing tagline to anchor it in the natural world, and give it urgency and heft


Conference slogan creation

Slogan for the international annual conference for OSIsoft, industry leader in real-time data management

PSI Services

tagline development

"Testing Excellence," tagline for global testing leader PSI Services

PSI Where People Meet Potential

marketing messaging

"Where People Meet Potential," website headline for global testing leader PSI Services

Race to Nowhere

Documentary Naming and Tagline development

"Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America's Achievement Culture," a documentary exploring the extreme pressures faced by American schoolchildren


Name and tagline development

"Securest: Safety and comfort you can trust," name and tagline for Rhodia's flame-resistant sleepwear fabric


Tagline development

"True to the Game," tagline for Spalding that has inspired the company for more than a decade


Music streaming platform naming & tagline creation

"URSA: Music Extreaming," new music streaming company, platform, and service that better connects artists and fans

Work Wonders

Tagline development

Tagline for Hana, CBRE's flexible, highly configurable and brandable co-working business spaces


Game Naming and tagline development

"Zillio: A zillion ways to play math," a math game for elementary school kids that’s as educational as it is fun