Data management that unlocks portfolio value

Financial B2B SaaS Product Naming

Background & Challenge

Arcesium is a global financial technology company that delivers pre- and post-investment and enterprise data management solutions to sophisticated financial institutions ($675b+ in client assets under management). Expertly designed to achieve a synchronized golden source of data throughout a client’s ecosystem, Arcesium’s cloud-native technology is built to systematize the most complex workflows and help clients achieve scale.

The company asked Catchword to name its new out-of-the-box data platform, which enables clients to unlock greater value from their portfolios by managing all the data produced by clients’ systems throughout the investment lifecycle. With the product’s thousands of pre-built data models and ability to handle hundreds of millions of daily records, clients can quickly integrate and validate data, perform advanced analytics and reporting, and get to market faster. 

Because the new product would help elevate Arcesium’s reputation from operations wonk with a toolkit to data-as-a-service leader and valuable tech partner, its name would need to:

  • convey expertise and authority 
  • be distinct from the existing Arcesium portfolio (which included diverse name styles from acronym to descriptive)
  • be distinct from competing product names (which also ranged in style) 
Naming the brand

After reviewing Catchword’s nearly 700 ideas and insights on our top candidates, and legal screening, the client selected Aquata. The name is relatively short, easy to say and remember, and highly international given its Latin base. It instantly suggests the smooth flow, strength, and adaptability of water while more subtly recalling acquire, data, and quantify. It is completely different from the names of the company’s previous products, yet the initial A alliteration and Latinate sound pair perfectly with the company name.

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Product Naming

Arcesium was delighted with the name and announced Aquata in April 2023. Tech and financial media covered the story, while Arcesium customers lauded the product. Gavin Little-Gill, Head of Investments & Securities at Aite-Novarica Group: "Technology innovations, like Arcesium's Aquata, are paving the way for firms to better manage data and spearheading practices to modernize how organizations collaborate and share data across applications and business functions."

"Catchword has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to name our product. Their team's expertise and dedication to the task at hand were evident from the very beginning. Their willingness to go above and beyond to help us achieve our objectives was greatly appreciated and contributed to the overall success of the project."

Reshma Kabani | VP & Head of Marketing | Arcesium

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