Artica Decoder

Naming a product-recommendation platform

Consumers need support in the face of hundreds, if not thousands, of product reviews and other data from Amazon, NYT Wirecutter, Reddit, and more. E-commerce innovator Artica created an AI-driven consumer product–recommendation portal to help users find exactly what they need. It digests product reviews from across the internet and eliminates confusion about stars, incentives, and bias to deliver the information that’s most meaningful to the user, including ranking and a buyer’s guide. And though the portal is 100% focused on consumers, it also benefits sellers with actionable, data-backed insights into how they can improve their marketing and products. Artica tapped Catchword to name the new platform as quickly as possible and with an exact dot-com. Decoder instantly communicates how Artica’s consumer platform cracks the code on product recommendation, while its agentive form (-er) suggests a tool for empowered action. Find the key to your next purchase at

B2B Tech
Product Naming
“Catchword provided strategic counsel related to brand naming and extensive name ideation. … They did a fantastic job of imagining many truly exciting and compelling names for our new platform.”​

Michael Rowels | Founder & CEO | Artcia

Your business started with a spark.

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