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A part of the Mars Petcare family with more than 70 state-of-the-art reference labs and an average of 50,000 samples analyzed daily, Antech is a leader in veterinary diagnostics. Lab tests are an essential part of diagnostic work, and though sending the sample out to a reference laboratory will yield the highest quality results, the process can take days. Point-of-care analyzers provide information on an animal’s hematology, chemistry, immunoassay, and other factors on-site at the office or clinic.

Antech engaged Catchword to name its new line of on-premises analyzers, as well as several other diagnostic tools, including KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR. The compact, easy-to-use analyzers are the most precise, accurate, and reliable on the market, enabling clinics to treat patients faster and eliminating for pet families the painful stress of waiting to find out. LabMate, the name we recommended, is a compact, compound name that delivers key messages with straightforward vocabulary. It instantly communicates that the product provides supportive lab services, while its friendly tone suggests ease and convenience, an aid you can keep right there on your countertop. LabMate In-Clinic Analysers rolled out in the UK (the home market for parent Mars Petcare) in June 2023.

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"They're able to make the naming process both a creative and educational exercise all at once. They did a wonderful job of explaining the thinking behind the names they presented to us, and it was here that their passion for what they do really shone through as well, and it was clear that they love what they do.

Vice President, Commercial Marketing | Antech

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