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Veterinary diagnostics naming

A part of the Mars Petcare family with more than 17,000 customers, Antech is a leader in veterinary diagnostics. Antech engaged Catchword to name several new diagnostic offerings, the first of which was a test to screen for intestinal parasites (think hookworms, roundworms, protozoa, and other nasties). These parasites have plagued dogs and cats (and people) since time began. They’re widespread, increasing, mutating, and can be deadly. Although polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests had been around for years, Antech created one more powerful than any on the market. The DNA-based test not only allows for exceptional accuracy and sensitivity in parasite detection, it enables Antech labs to uncover other data of great medical value to veterinarians—and physicians, as some parasitic threats can cross over to humans. After an extensive name creation process, the client selected KeyScreen. The compact name signals easy access to diagnostic screening and unlocking critical diagnostic insights. Its internal assonance increases memorability and “brandedness.”

KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR launched in January 2022 and quickly became a part of veterinary wellness routines. Antech continues to evolve the test with updated sensitivities as new parasite mutations surface. It was the first test on the market to quickly deliver information about treatment-resistant hookworm, giving veterinary teams the intel they need to treat pets effectively the first time. Further, the collection of large, precise data sets via KeyScreen has enabled more effective studies on how parasites adapt, emerge, and spread geographically.

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"They're able to make the naming process both a creative and educational exercise all at once. They did a wonderful job of explaining the thinking behind the names they presented to us, and it was here that their passion for what they do really shone through as well, and it was clear that they love what they do.

Vice President, Commercial Marketing | Antech

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