Naming a line of senior dog food for Wellness

Pet food product line naming

WellPet (now Wellness) is a leader in pet food with a portfolio that includes such well-known brands as Holistic Select, Old Mother Hubbard, Eagle Pack, Whimzees, and the Wellness line of products, including Wellness CORE, one of its most successful sub-brands.

In 2020, the company engaged Catchword to develop a name for a new CORE senior dog food line it had developed. With plans to introduce the product as a complete and balanced dry meal, and potentially as a wet formulation and “topper”(ya know, to add a little sump’n sump’n to Fido’s standard fare), the company needed a name as enduring as the animals for which it was developed.

Taking a dual path to the creative development—exploring both highly literal names such as “Senior” and “Mature” and more suggestive, proprietary names such as “Silver Plates” and “Senior Sense”—our team imagined over 700 delectable names (and in just one round!). Much like the formulation, it was a pretty complete and balanced list, and reflected the range of messaging we agreed to explore, including an optimized, advanced formation for those aging doggies and preserving their vitality.

Taking Best in Show was Age Advantage. Not quite as descriptive as “Mature” but more intuitive than “Silver Plates,” Age Advantage captured the judges attention with its pleasant alliteration, supreme clarity, and attention to key messaging.

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