Full Portfolio


Healthcare company renaming

New name and visual identity for DNAMx, an emerging leader in medical screening and diagnostics

Affusion Consulting

finance company naming

Management and consulting firm with a focus on business intelligence, risk and compliance


B2B Tech Naming

Innovative cybersecurity company that uses predictive AI to prevent advanced email threats


Technology Company Domain

Domain name for Airmada, a company that builds autonomous ground stations for drones


Company Naming

Renamed premium design company i4 Design, later acquired by Publicis


Biotech Renaming

Renamed industry trade association from the awkward ALSSA to the more memorable ALDA


Nonprofit renaming

Renamed Social Interest Solutions (SIS) to reflect its mission to help communities through tech and strategy solutions


Healthcare IT Naming

Danish company specializing in healthcare IT solutions that increase patient safety and treatment efficiency


education company naming

Renamed Campus Explorer to highlight its targeted services that help schools reach, enroll, and retain students


Tech Startup Naming

Business productivity company and its web platform for integrating a variety of work-related applications


B2B Tech Company Naming

Renamed Quadratec, which makes software for managing and archiving data


consumer electronics naming

A new brand of laptops, smart devices and other electronics that fit today’s vibrant lifestyle


B2B Tech Company Naming

Software firm and its cloud-based suite, which helps marketers build brand awareness

Blair Hall Advisors

financial company naming

Blair Hall Advisors is an independent, private wealth-management firm that provides comprehensive financial solutions

Blue Vista

environmental company naming

Blue Vista is an environmental company and platform that provides tools for people to help build clean communities


B2B Tech Company Naming

Renamed provider of network storage systems


Mobile Tech Naming

Renamed mobile payment company and its new product, which allows customers to buy "beaucoup" online


Professional Company Naming

German branding agency that specializes in graphic design and digital prepress

Candescent Health

Healthcare Tech Naming

Healthcare technology company and its core software product

Canexia Health

Biotech company naming

Renamed an innovator in next-generation sequencing and cancer diagnosis


Auto finance company renaming

Renaming a leader in automotive financial services


B2C Start-up Naming

The largest car subscription service in Switzerland, making cars, and mobility, easy


Biotech Naming

Leading pharma co that develops, makes, and distributes global drug solutions: a talented catalyst for positive change

Catalight Foundation

Nonprofit organization naming

New foundation, born from Easterseals Bay Area, that provides organizations strategy and technology solutions


B2B Company Naming

Swedish specialist in developing websites and managing e-commerce for large and small businesses


healthcare software company naming

Cloud-based healthcare data solution provider focused on optimizing value based patient care


Sustainability company renaming

Renamed sustainable specialty products company to express its conversion of harmful chemicals to clean, everyday products

Clover Health

Healthcare Startup Naming

Startup that uses analytics to efficiently align insurers, patients, and providers for better health outcomes

CoActive Technologies

B2B Company Naming

Leading global manufacturer of interface technologies for automotive, telecom, mobile communications, and other markets


B2B Tech Company Naming

Specialist in barcoding and POS asset management solutions, as well as chip & PIN payment equipment


cybersecurity company naming

Renamed PhishMe to reflect expertise far beyond phishing to full-scale collective defense solutions that stay ahead of breaches


B2B tech company naming

Renamed NIIT Technologies, an India-based international leader in financial services, insurance, travel, and transportation


Enterprise Naming

Company that offers enterprise software products (from "consonare," Latin for “sound together”)


Global Company Naming

Global provider of advisory, support, and security services


CONSULTANCY Company Domain

Domain name for Copacity, outsourced renewables experts who serve as "in-house" consultants


Biotech Naming

Specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on dermatology products (from Latin "corium," meaning “skin”)


Finance Naming

Asset management firm that advises investors and supports financial and registered investment advisors


Tech Company Renaming

Renamed eProject to reflect its new focus on customizable tools that enable companies to stay agile in the marketplace


Tech Company Renaming

Renamed CircumNav and its lead GPS product, which gives drivers real-time traffic data


Dating Consultancy Domain

Domain name for Doteworthy, a profile and writing consultant services company for online dating


Social Tech Naming

Social marketplace for connecting with those who will help you realize your dream activities, shop, and more


Communications Technology Domain

Domain name for EasyVoip, a telecommunications company with VoIP solutions and services.

EQ Saddle Science

Saddle company renaming

Renamed an equestrian company whose saddles perfect the connection between horse and rider


global merger naming

Merger of six top life sciences companies to form integrated global services platform


B2C Tech Company Naming

Online community that helps consumers find local legal, medical, and financial experts


Research Company Domain

Domain name for FactField, a research institute for well-founded data collection and analysis

Family Paths

mental health nonprofit naming

Mental health professionals and volunteers focused on helping low-income, multi-stressed individuals and families


Food Company Domain

Domain for Feastables, an social media influencer-created organic chocolate bar and snack company

FEEDback Farm

innovative bioconversion farm naming

Farm that uses insects and novel methods of bioconversion to create sustainable agricultural ecosystems


Cybersecurity Company Renaming

Renamed Netforts, a company offering hyper-vigilant, far-seeing network security systems


Professional Firm Renaming

Renamed VC firm that guides portfolio companies (a ship’s flying bridge provides a clear view of all sides)


Biotech Spin-off Naming

Biotech spin-off that facilitates fast, free-flowing scientific experimentation through information management


Insurance company spinoff naming

Annuity-focused life insurance company, spun off from Group 1001 (formerly Delaware Life)


Multinational Online Retail Naming

Chinese e-commerce site whose name works in English (gargantuan) and Mandarin (loosely: "pursuit team")


B2B Startup Naming

Tech startup that helps firms take their website’s performance up a notch

Generations Network

Parent Company Naming

Parent company name to unify disparate genealogy sites, including Ancestry.com and MyFamily.com

Glo Fiber

Telecom service naming

High-speed fiber optic network for residential customers from regional telecom company Shentel


Online Retail Naming

Online shop and catalogue offering products from home furnishings to jewelry to electronics


Finance Renaming

Renamed auto insurer Infinity National Insurance


staffing company naming

Renamed The Premier Group, a 30 year established staffing company

Humane Rescue Alliance

Nonprofit Organization Naming

Merger of the Washington Humane Society and The Washington Animal Rescue League


life sciences company renaming

Renamed Kyn Therapeutics to reflect a broad perspective and understanding of cancer and how to fight it


B2C Tech Company Naming

Ingenious, pay-per-call advice network offering everything from tax advice to astrology readings online


tech company renaming

Gene-editing tech company that puts researchers in control with tools including a family of CRISPR enzymes


Online Insurance Platform Naming

Infinity Insurance’s ultra user-friendly online auto product for web-savvy insurance shoppers


Tech Company Renaming

Renamed txteagle, builders of first platform for engaging emerging-market consumers via mobile (jana = "people" in Sanskrit)

Kames Capital

Finance Spinoff Naming

UK asset management arm of Aegon Group, named to differentiate it from Aegon’s insurance and pension businesses


Global B2B Tech Naming

Agilent spin-off whose electronic testing and measurement solutions unlock critical insights


B2B Tech Company Naming

Hardware co that uses breakthrough chip technology to make super-performance, open-source database servers


Global Online Service Naming

eBay’s subsidiary offering a global (yet community-based) online classifieds service



Domain name for Lenderful, a company bringing the mortgage loan process into the 21st century


company and platform naming

Company and its software platform that provides charities with greater reach through digital and social media


Professional Finance Naming

Fast-moving, Silicon Valley VC firm, named to stand out from its competitors’ stodgy, law firm-like monikers


Web development company naming

Builder of scalable, robust web applications that leverage data to serve clients such as eBay and The New York Times.


Tech Product and Company Naming

Tech company and its award-winning smartpen, which captures writing, audio, and more


Professional Company Naming

Leading light and global player in talent management solutions


Service Naming with Exact .com

Online service that matches potential customers with local businesses


Company Naming with Exact .com

Market-leading customer experience management company that enables continuous tracking of customer feedback

Medley Health

Healthcare Technology Naming

Medical practice whose suite of services for doctors and patients furthers communication and collaboration


finance company naming

Student loan company and its platform, which uses academic performance data to enhance lending decisions

Mirador Capital

Finance Company Naming

VC firm offering a top-level “fund of funds” for VCs and their investors (mirador = “vantage point” in Spanish)


medical screening company naming

Renamed AknaDx, a new medical screening company that creates precise, actionable, non-invasive tests for maternal-fetal health

Mom's Best

Food & Bev Company Naming

Naming Malt-O-Meal’s instant oatmeal turned into naming their natural cereal line and renaming the company


B2B Company Naming

European semiconductor company whose services range from developing and manufacturing to testing and engineering

Natural Promise

company naming

Natural and eco-conscious pet grooming products that support the health and well-being of pets and the planet.


Healthcare Company Naming

Company that develops extremely precise and highly innovative implants for extremity surgery


Company and App Naming

Helped name a company and its app that matches transportation demand with supply

Ninth Wave

Fintech spinoff naming

Spinoff of EEI's financial data platform, which sweeps away obstructive complexity to create a universal standard.

North of Nine Communications

Professional Company Spin-off Naming

PR giant Burson-Marsteller’s spin-off agency, specializing in tech-based innovation accounts


Business & Finance Domain

Domain name for Notient, a set of automation tools & graphs to help you invest and manage your peer to peer lending portfolio


company renaming

Renamed Motus Data, an innovator in integrated solutions for optimization of field operations for energy producers


animal feed company naming

Natural horse feed provider that uses locally and sustainably sourced ingredients and next generation science


Healthcare Software Company Naming

Company whose software for hospitals and nursing homes facilitates hiring, scheduling, and communicating with staff


Tech Startup Naming

Startup and its analytic engine that aggregates and synthesizes a person’s data to find patterns and insights


Tech Company Naming

Wi-Fi tech company whose communication platform enables seamless transfer of data (from "osmosis")


Professional Services Naming

Designer of global customized incentive and engagement programs, later acquired by Blackhawk Networks


Finance Domain

Domain name for Perquest, an online payroll service designed to bring a new level of flexibility and ease-of-use to payroll processing.


Healthcare Naming

Healthcare conglomerate providing sleep diagnostic and therapeutic services and diagnostic balance testing


Online Gaming Naming

Online service that lets you track gameplay, see what friends are playing, and follow the hottest games

Posit Science

Software Company Naming

Software company that creates computer games for brain fitness designed by neuroscientists

Premise Health

Healthcare Company Naming

Worksite healthcare solutions provider serving 200+ premier corporations, formed through merger of two industry leaders


Professional Services Naming

Provider of virtual administrative services for executives


Biotech Company Naming

Renamed tech company Cell BioSciences to reflect its new focus on simplifying protein research


Fitness Platform Naming

Interactive platform that connects fitness and wellness enthusiasts to each other and to fitness professionals


Startup Naming

Startup and its search engine, which delivers more relevant results to sophisticated users


Global Lifestyle Company Naming

Luxury vacation club featuring opulent homes in some of the world’s most quintessentially beautiful places


E-commerce solution naming

Unified tool for managing e-commerce stores across multiple platforms

Ripple Networks

B2C Tech Company Renaming

Renamed ActiveMaps, whose in-store screens deliver news, weather, entertainment, and customized content


B2B Professional Services Company Naming

Domain name for a corporate consulting company that guides growing businesses through the complex world of IT


Software and App Naming

Software company and its app that helps people find Christian scripture personalized to their needs


B2B Tech Renaming

Renamed Moteiv, whose wireless networks use tiny sensors to pick up and send data (“scintilla” + "send" and "sensor")


Tech Company Renaming

Renamed tech company cRight to reflect its move beyond copyright enforcement to P2P content-sharing


Moving service company renaming

Renamed CableMover to make clear it helps you move all your accounts—internet, smart home, and more—to your new location


blockchain company naming

The first blockchain company powered by its own private renewable energy


Tech Company Renaming

Renamed wireless charging startup Pi Charging to reflect its expanding business and vision


Financial Naming

Independent, award-winning warranty provider (named one of the top 100 websites of 2010 by PC Magazine) and its product


B2B Tech Naming

Leader in data center infrastructure management software


Healthcare Spinoff Naming

Spinoff from Healthline Networks whose software enables clinicians to extract insights from messy, unstructured data


Pharmaceutical company naming

Helped rename clinical-stage specialty pharma company developing drugs to help patients with serious, debilitating disease


B2B Tech Company Naming

Renamed company whose web-experience software yields near-magical insight (like reading tea leaves) into customers’ shopping behavior


real estate software company naming

Mobile solution for real estate agents to manage clients, communications, referrals, prospects, and more


sports website naming

Destination sports website with intelligent analysis, strong opinion & breaking news

Total Droid

Tech Naming

Comprehensive security suite for Droid phones that automatically monitors your phone and scans apps for viruses


Professional Services Domain

Domain name for Trajector, a company that helps people with disabilities receive the benefits they are medically, legally and ethically qualified for


b2b company naming

Forensic training and advisory company servicing corporate executives and business negotiators


Online Professional Services Company Naming

The world’s largest online platforms for connecting clients and freelancers


Music streaming platform naming & tagline creation

"URSA: Music Extreaming," new music streaming company, platform, and service that better connects artists and fans


Company naming

A new digital company committed to solving the world’s toughest business and societal challenges


B2B Tech Naming

Renamed Leads360, which helps sales teams accelerate performance through cloud-based intelligent sales software


company naming

Corning spin-off that develops smart, integrated solutions based on Fibrance light-diffusing fiber


B2C Tech Naming

Renamed Media Machines, whose innovative technology enables livelier, richer 3D virtual worlds (vivid + activity)


Consumer Product Domain

Domain name for Vivial, an innovative diamond manufacturing company


Personal Technology Naming

Technology company and its device that can stream a vast library of HD movie content with near-magical speed


credit union renaming

Renaming Tulsa Federal Credit Union to better reflect the organization's geographic and member expansion

Wild Mint

e-Commerce Naming

Renamed e-commerce site Essential Safe Products (ESP), which offers a range of toxin-free products

WomenLift Health

Global Program Naming

Stanford Global Health initiative to elevate women to positions of leadership in healthcare worldwide


Financial Services Platform Naming

Company and its online platform that enables investment management candidates to prove themselves with simulated trading