Full Portfolio

Adobe AIR

Software Platform Naming

Adobe’s game-changing software platform, which sits atop any operating system and functions seamlessly and invisibly


B2B Tech Naming

Innovative cybersecurity company that uses predictive AI to prevent advanced email threats


Tech Startup Naming

Business productivity company and its web platform for integrating a variety of work-related applications


B2B Tech Company Naming

Renamed Quadratec, which makes software for managing and archiving data


B2B Tech Company Naming

Software firm and its cloud-based suite, which helps marketers build brand awareness

Blue Vista

environmental company naming

Blue Vista is an environmental company and platform that provides tools for people to help build clean communities


B2B Tech Company Naming

Renamed provider of network storage systems

Canon Maxify

B2B Product Naming

Canon’s ground-breaking line of high-speed, Wi-Fi–enabled inkjet business printers for small offices


B2B Company Naming

Swedish specialist in developing websites and managing e-commerce for large and small businesses


B2B Naming Architecture

Naming strategy and development for a global leader in networking

Cisco Finesse

Customer Service Product Naming

Cisco's browser-based customer service desktop: a customizable command center for agents and supervisors


healthcare software company naming

Cloud-based healthcare data solution provider focused on optimizing value based patient care

CoActive Technologies

B2B Company Naming

Leading global manufacturer of interface technologies for automotive, telecom, mobile communications, and other markets


B2B Tech Company Naming

Specialist in barcoding and POS asset management solutions, as well as chip & PIN payment equipment


cybersecurity company naming

Renamed PhishMe to reflect expertise far beyond phishing to full-scale collective defense solutions that stay ahead of breaches


B2B tech company naming

Renamed NIIT Technologies, an India-based international leader in financial services, insurance, travel, and transportation

Collectives on Stack Overflow

Technology Product Naming

Naming an online product for technology companies seeking to deepen interactions with their users


Enterprise Naming

Company that offers enterprise software products (from "consonare," Latin for “sound together”)


B2B Tech naming

Suite of cloud-based mobile business solutions that manage core aspects of customer relations and sales


Global Naming Architecture

Naming architecture and protocol for Corning’s portfolio of hundreds of products

Corning Astra Glass

B2B product naming

Precisely engineered glass substrate for high-performance displays that produces brighter, faster, and more lifelike images.

Corning AutoGrade Gorilla Glass

automotive product naming

Lightweight yet tough line of glass solutions specifically designed for automotive displays

Corning ClearCurve

B2B Product Naming

Corning’s ultra-flexible fiber-optic technology, which bends and curves around tight spaces

Corning Concore

B2B Product Naming

Corning’s new type of ion-exchanged glass, which integrates cover glass and sensor plate functions

Corning Everon

B2B product naming

Optical communications solution family that provides customers tools, education, and collaboration opportunities

Corning Evolv

B2B product naming

Hardened connectivity solution family that offers the smallest terminals for FTTx networks

Corning Fibrance

b2b product naming

Corning's revolutionary light-diffusing fiber technology that bends without loss of color or light

Corning Guardiant

b2b product naming

Antimicrobial particles for protecting industrial applications such as paint from bacteria

Corning Lotus Glass

B2B Product Naming

Corning's exceptionally stable and pure display glass for hand-held devices

Corning Valor Glass

b2b product naming

Corning's revolutionary glass packaging for drug storage and delivery

Corning Willow Glass

b2b product naming

Corning's advanced, flexible screen to be used in making bendable mobile devices like smartphones and smart watches.


Tech Company Renaming

Renamed eProject to reflect its new focus on customizable tools that enable companies to stay agile in the marketplace


B2B Tech Naming

Mobile and cloud technology provider for the business travel industry that leverages user preferences and behavior to generate a personalized experience


tech product family naming

Verifone's suite of of interactive, commerce-enabling payment devices

F-Secure Radar

cybersecurity platform naming

F-Secure’s turnkey solution for assessing vulnerability and scanning and managing internal and external threats

F-Secure ThreatShield

security solution naming

F-Secure’s security solution prevents and detects attacks early, with built-in network sandboxing technology to protect email and web traffic

FEEDback Farm

innovative bioconversion farm naming

Farm that uses insects and novel methods of bioconversion to create sustainable agricultural ecosystems


Cybersecurity Company Renaming

Renamed Netforts, a company offering hyper-vigilant, far-seeing network security systems


B2C apparel tech naming

State-of-the-art 3D foot scanning and printing from HP to create custom-fit, personalized shoes


B2C Tech Product Naming

Suite of online tools that facilitate collaboration for distributed teams

Freeman Architecture

B2B product naming architecture

Naming strategy and architecture for Freeman’s large portfolio of event management, marketing, and design products

Freeman Education Solutions

B2B tech renaming

Digital tools from industry-leader Freeman to help customers educate their audience

Freeman Engagement Solutions

engagement tech naming

Digital tools from industry-leader Freeman to help customers engage audiences before, during, and after events

Freeman Event Planning Solutions

B2B product naming

Digital tools from industry-leader Freeman to help customers plan events

Fuzion by Freeman

Event technology product naming

The first-ever open digital event tech platform that creates a seamless experience for organizers and attendees

Freeslate CM Protégé

B2B Tech Naming

Freeslate’s family of automation solutions for specific laboratory processes, leveraging the capabilities of their larger CM3 system


B2B Startup Naming

Tech startup that helps firms take their website’s performance up a notch


b2b technology naming

Revolutionary new, scalable and flexible platform for building automated driving solutions


Platform renaming

All-in-one class management software for sports studios


Office environment solution naming

Innovative, nature-inspired audio/visual software solution for office environments

Indeed Flex

Employment tech naming

#1 job site Indeed’s temp platform enables you to work the schedule, location, and pay rate that works for you


b2b tech naming

Quick and interactive power analyzers that enables R&D engineers to measure and visualize

Intel Adaptix

software toolkit naming

Intel Adaptix extracts high levels of performance from Intel processor-based platforms

Intel ARC

B2B tech product naming

New line of high-end graphics cards, which deliver full-throttle gaming, immersive visuals, powerful multi-tasking, and seamless streaming

Intel Optane

B2B Tech Product Naming

Intel’s revolutionary technology that combines the speed of RAM with the resilience of hard-drive memory

IntelePeer Fluent

B2B Tech Product Naming

IntelePeer's Federation-as-a-Service tech: enables service providers and enterprises to connect seamlessly


Tech Company Renaming

Renamed txteagle, builders of first platform for engaging emerging-market consumers via mobile (jana = "people" in Sanskrit)

Juniper Networks Architecture

naming strategy and architecture

Ongoing consultation with networking solutions leader Juniper Networks to develop a consistent approach to naming


Global B2B Tech Naming

Agilent spin-off whose electronic testing and measurement solutions unlock critical insights


B2B Tech Company Naming

Hardware co that uses breakthrough chip technology to make super-performance, open-source database servers


company and platform naming

Company and its software platform that provides charities with greater reach through digital and social media


Web development company naming

Builder of scalable, robust web applications that leverage data to serve clients such as eBay and The New York Times.


b2b platform naming

Hitachi’s core IoT platform for developing digital solutions, services, and technologies that turn data into insights


Service Naming with Exact .com

Online service that matches potential customers with local businesses


Company Naming with Exact .com

Market-leading customer experience management company that enables continuous tracking of customer feedback


Tech Product Naming

Contegix's fully customizable cloud hosting service for clients of every size -- startup to enterprise


B2B Company Naming

European semiconductor company whose services range from developing and manufacturing to testing and engineering


Global Architecture and Naming Strategy

Business product naming architecture and strategy for global communications and IT giant


company renaming

Renamed Motus Data, an innovator in integrated solutions for optimization of field operations for energy producers


Conference slogan creation

Slogan for the international annual conference for OSIsoft, industry leader in real-time data management


3D Printing Service Naming

Naming an end-to-end digital 3D printing software platform that helps automate manufacturing processes


Tech Company Naming

Wi-Fi tech company whose communication platform enables seamless transfer of data (from "osmosis")


Software platform naming

Integrated software platform from Keysight that offers a streamlined path to innovation


B2B tech product naming

Line of sensing technologies for use in smartphones, tablets, and wearables

PI Coresight

B2B Tech Product Naming

Web-based tool that lets the user quickly and easily analyze enterprise-wide data in the OSIsoft PI System


B2B Tech Product Naming

AgileTV’s voice-activated and server-centric voice recognition technology that lets TV viewers search for favorite programs

PSI Bridge

technology naming

Remote proctoring technology that seamlessly connects with any test delivery system and supports every phase of assessment

PSI Dimensions

platform naming

Comprehensive and customizable platform for test generation, delivery, and reporting

PSI True Talent

cloud-based technology naming

Cloud-based assessment platform, including more than 500 of the world’s top online assessments for hiring and development


Finance product naming

Product to build and grow mobile revenues by streamlining in-app purchase integration.


B2B tech product naming

Cloud-based e-commerce tech platform for sales & marketing professionals to monetize untapped revenue sources.


E-commerce solution naming

Unified tool for managing e-commerce stores across multiple platforms

RMS Architecture

Naming strategy and product naming

Ongoing naming architecture consultation and product naming for leading risk management solution company

RMS Risk Intelligence

B2B tech naming

Flexible platform that uses big data to improve risk management and support profitable risk selection

RMS Risk InvestorIQ

B2B tech naming

Catastrophe risk management insights platform for competitive portfolio management


B2B tech naming

Application that assesses in seconds a location’s vulnerability to crime, natural disaster, and other risks


B2B Professional Services Company Naming

Domain name for a corporate consulting company that guides growing businesses through the complex world of IT


B2B Tech Renaming

Renamed Moteiv, whose wireless networks use tiny sensors to pick up and send data (“scintilla” + "send" and "sensor")


blockchain company naming

The first blockchain company powered by its own private renewable energy


Tech Company Renaming

Renamed wireless charging startup Pi Charging to reflect its expanding business and vision


b2b tech company naming

Spinoff from IMEC that develops low-cost, miniaturized optical spectral sensing solutions


B2B Tech Naming

Leader in data center infrastructure management software


B2B Tech Company Naming

Renamed company whose web-experience software yields near-magical insight (like reading tea leaves) into customers’ shopping behavior


real estate software company naming

Mobile solution for real estate agents to manage clients, communications, referrals, prospects, and more

Trend Micro

B2B Naming and Naming Architecture

Software naming strategy and architectural development for global leader in IT security

Trimble Pulse

b2b tech platform naming

Software platform that enables the delivery of field service excellence


b2b tech naming

Family of IP network and reporting appliances from Infoblox


b2b company naming

Forensic training and advisory company servicing corporate executives and business negotiators


Company naming

A new digital company committed to solving the world’s toughest business and societal challenges


B2B Tech Naming

Renamed Leads360, which helps sales teams accelerate performance through cloud-based intelligent sales software


B2B Product Naming

Berry Plastics’ innovative polypropylene product for packaging both hot and cold food and beverages


company naming

Corning spin-off that develops smart, integrated solutions based on Fibrance light-diffusing fiber


B2B Tech Naming

Provider of expert application and device support, helping technology users operate at peak performance


B2B Naming Architecture

Naming architecture for global leader in web and video conferencing


Well Construction Component Naming

High-performance liner hanger systems for the most challenging well environments

Xerox CiPress

B2B Tech Product Naming

Xerox’s innovative and environmentally friendly waterless inkjet system for high-volume printing

Xilinx Telco Accelerator Card

Tech product naming

New high-performance card for 5G from long-time Silicon Valley innovator Xilinx