Brands shaping the world for a quarter century

We’re very proud of our work and the clients we’ve partnered with, whether from last month or last millennium. Welcome to our full portfolio!



Bottled natural spring water for international food retailer Ahold (parent of Giant Food and Stop & Shop)


(Formerly DNAMx) Emerging leader in medical screening and diagnostics

Adobe AIR

Adobe’s game-changing software platform, which sits atop any operating system and functions seamlessly and invisibly

Adobe Atmosphere

Adobe’s application for creating web-based 3D worlds that can be accessed in real time with any browser

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe’s smaller-lighter-friendlier version of Photoshop (for non-professionals)


Domain name for Triple Point Group, a leasing and lending business that enables everyday investors to earn a fixed rate of return on their capital by buying Advancr Bonds


Management and consulting firm with a focus on business intelligence, risk and compliance


Innovative cybersecurity company that uses predictive AI to prevent advanced email threats

Age Advantage

The new line of CORE senior dog food from Wellness

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World’s leading drone technology company

Ahold Sodas

Entire line of private-label sodas for international food retailer Ahold (parent of Giant Food and Stop & Shop)


Enviroscent’s innovative system that allows people to customize room fragrances using Infused ScentSticks™


Ultra-performing home or office intelligent mesh Wi-Fi solution, creating multiple hotspots throughout your space.


(Formerly i4 Design) Premium design company later acquired by Publicis


(Formerly ALSSA) Industry trade association for life science products and services

Allergan pHast

Proprietary technology for Allergan that allows for rapid adjustment to eye pH

Allergan Refresh Relieva

Eye drops from Allergan specially formulated to relieve the discomfort of dry, irritated eyes and prevent further irritation

Allstate GoodForLife

Allstate’s innovative life-insurance program offering coverage for critical medical needs during one’s lifetime

Allstate House and Home

Allstate's personalized insurance plan to cover buildings and possessions on residential property

Allstate MarketSmart

Fixed annuity for Allstate, the second-largest personal insurer in the nation

Allstate RightFit

Allstate’s annuity program in which customers choose investment options that fit their risk tolerance

Allstate Whole Life Advantage

Whole life insurance for Allstate, the second-largest personal insurer in the nation

Allstate Your Choice Auto

Allstate’s auto insurance program that gives customers a range of options when choosing insurance features

Allstate Your Choice Home

Allstate’s home insurance program that gives customers a range of options when choosing insurance features


(Formerly Social Interest Solutions, SIS) Nonprofit that helps communities access critical services via tech and strategy solutions

Amazon Fashion

Private label brand names for fashion jewelry for retail giant Amazon

American Red Cross

"Do more than cross your fingers," slogan for emergency-preparedness campaign

(Formerly Leading genealogy site and its parent brand

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Antech KeyScreen

DNA-based PCR test for detection of GI parasites in animals from a leading innovator in veterinary diagnostics

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Antech LabMate

Line of veterinary point-of-care analyzers to quickly, easily, and accurately assess animal health


Tool that lets readers get contextual info without leaving a web page (later acquired by Google)


Danish company specializing in healthcare IT solutions that increase patient safety and treatment efficiency

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B2B SaaS platform for the financial services industry that seamlessly manages middle-and back-office functions to unlock the value of data


(Formerly Campus Explorer) Education and marketing technology company that helps schools reach, enroll, and retain students

Arena of Valor

Epic 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) designed by Tencent Games

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Artica Decoder

AI-driven product-recommendation portal that synthesizes ratings from across the web so shoppers find exactly what they need

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Artica Stoke

E-commerce business tool from Artica that forecasts sales, provides an ongoing valuation score, and identifies financing resources

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The leading business productivity company and its platform that seamlessly integrates work-related applications


Dietary supplement that helps boost progesterone levels and improve women’s hormone balance

Asian American Civic Association

Tagline covering a variety of immigrant services: "Educate. Empower. Employ."