Brands shaping the world for a quarter century

We’re very proud of our work and the clients we’ve partnered with, whether from last month or last millennium. Welcome to our full portfolio!



New name and visual identity for DNAMx, an emerging leader in medical screening and diagnostics


Management and consulting firm with a focus on business intelligence, risk and compliance


Naming an innovative cybersecurity company that uses predictive AI to prevent advanced email threats


Brand positioning, name audit, and visual identity for the world’s leading drone technology company


Renamed premium design company i4 Design, later acquired by Publicis


Renaming industry trade association from the awkward ALSSA to the more memorable ALDA


Renamed Social Interest Solutions (SIS) to reflect its mission to help communities through tech and strategy solutions


Danish company specializing in healthcare IT solutions that increase patient safety and treatment efficiency


Renamed Campus Explorer to highlight its targeted services that help schools reach, enroll, and retain students

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Naming the leading business productivity company and its platform for integrating a variety of work-related applications


Renamed Quadratec, which makes software for managing and archiving data


A new brand of laptops, smart devices and other electronics that fit today’s vibrant lifestyle


Software firm and its cloud-based suite, which helps marketers build brand awareness

Big Lead

Destination sports website with intelligent analysis, strong opinion & breaking news

BlackBerry Z10 & Q10

Name, naming architecture, and strategy for BlackBerry, including creation of the current alphanumeric system

Blair Hall Advisors

Blair Hall Advisors is an independent, private wealth-management firm that provides comprehensive financial solutions

Blue Vista

Blue Vista is an environmental company and platform that provides tools for people to help build clean communities


Renamed provider of network storage systems


Renamed mobile payment company and its new product, which allows customers to buy "beaucoup" online

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Naming a nonprofit strategy consultancy that advises some of the world's biggest philanthropists, connecting corporate-gained resources with nonprofits that need them

California College of the Arts

Renamed the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC) to shed outdated and misleading associations with "crafts"

Candescent Health

Healthcare technology company and its core software product

Canexia Health

Renamed an innovator in next-generation sequencing and cancer diagnosis

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Renaming a leader in automotive financial services that helps customers gain control of their finances and experience the freedom of car ownership


The largest car subscription service in Switzerland, making cars, and mobility, easy


Leading pharma co that develops, makes, and distributes global drug solutions: a talented catalyst for positive change

Catalight Foundation

New foundation, born from Easterseals Bay Area, that provides organizations strategy and technology solutions


Swedish specialist in developing websites and managing e-commerce for large and small businesses


Domain name for Centrient Pharmaceuticals, a sustainable leader in antibiotics, statins and anti-fungals


Fintech company that improves the efficiency, transparency and success of financial products and funds


Cloud-based healthcare data solution provider focused on optimizing value based patient care


Renamed sustainable specialty products company to express its conversion of harmful chemicals to clean, everyday products

Clover Health

Startup that uses analytics to efficiently align insurers, patients, and providers for better health outcomes

CoActive Technologies

Leading global manufacturer of interface technologies for automotive, telecom, mobile communications, and other markets


Specialist in barcoding and POS asset management solutions, as well as chip & PIN payment equipment


Renamed PhishMe to reflect expertise far beyond phishing to full-scale collective defense solutions that stay ahead of breaches


Renamed NIIT Technologies, an India-based international leader in financial services, insurance, travel, and transportation


Global provider of advisory, support, and security services


Domain name for Copacity, outsourced renewables experts who serve as "in-house" consultants


California nonprofit devoted to preventing domestic violence