Optimizing Operational Efficiency & Safety

Corporate identity for global professional services firm

Background & Challenge

In 2020, Crest Solutions (Ireland-based leader in machine vision, embedded engineering, and software development for the packaging industry), Xyntek (US engineering design and integration services provider for life sciences and pharma), and Vistalink (Belgian machine vision inspection and industrial image processing company for automotive and pharma) united under the umbrella CXV Global to better provide end-to-end solutions for their global customers. Three years later, they merged with Panacea Technologies (US process control and automation solution company for pharma, biotech, energy, and manufacturing) to create the most advanced end-to-end automation and process optimizer in the world. With 9 offices in Europe and North America, customers like Abbvie, Novartis, J&J, and Audi, and a combined century+ of experience, the new company would come out of the gate as an international leader, offering everything from validation & reporting to data analytics & IT integration to architecture design & deployment to robotics & AI solutions.

The company needed a unifying message as well as a new name and visual identity—a completely new brand that would unite the merged companies and motivate existing team members, recruits, and customers. They needed it all (including trademark prescreening) in 12 weeks, and an exact .com or .ai domain name was highly preferred.

Health & Biotech
Finance & Professional
Brand Positioning
Company Naming
Visual Identity


Working closely with the client team, we identified audiences, competitive landscape, and brand essentials and then developed the brand pillars, positioning, and story. The Science of Success encapsulates the company’s cutting-edge, precise expertise and ability to deliver effective solutions as well as the science-based industries it serves.

To meet the client’s tight schedule, we simultaneously began name development. After thousands of candidates, the client selected Catalyx, a powerful tech-forward variant of catalyst, a word that, in its literal meaning, expresses speed and transformation and places the brand in the science field and, metaphorically, highlights the company’s role as a change maker. The final of the name underscores the precise, strong, sciencey sound as well as the ideas of speed and cutting edge. The name recalls calyx (the outermost part of a flower or a cuplike structure in anatomy), further connecting the brand to biology as well as the idea of all-encompassing solutions. The exact .ai domain name was available.


The simple yet expressive icon marries two stylized Cs to form and X, recalling the name while emphasizing the ideas of collaboration and optimization (the intersection point of two or more desirable qualities). Its upward attitude suggests growth and business success. 

The typeface is also simple and tech-forward without feeling cold, a human vibe reinforced by the purples of the palette.


The new brand launched in September 2023 with fanfare at multiple industry conferences. Internal audiences are excited about the new name and look, and the client decided to use the positioning we developed (usually an internal-facing guide) as the summary of their mission.

The branding looks incredible!!! I have received lots of positive feedback internally, in the market, and amongst my industry peers. So many people stopped by at recent trade shows admiring our booth, marketing materials, uniforms, and the color scheme. It really stands out amongst a sea of white, blue, and red. Thank you for bringing our brand to life!

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