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Contextual Genomics is at the forefront of a shift in oncology toward more targeted diagnosis and treatment. The company developed a set of next–generation sequencing (NGS) liquid and tissue biopsy assays that detect mutations in cancer and provide an end-to-end testing and reporting solution to clinical laboratories and hospitals. Unfortunately, the company’s name was a drag on their success. In addition to its length and unwieldy pairing with the company’s product names, the name was often misunderstood or mispronounced (“Consensual” Genomics the most common mistake) and a bit of a head-scratcher given the company’s focus on diagnosing and treating disease.

Canexia Health more firmly positions the company in the cancer space and evokes next-generation sequencing. Not only is Canexia less than half the length of its predecessor, its alternating consonant-vowel construction ensures it rolls off the tongue and is more easily pronounced in non-English languages.

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