Catchword Is Comprehensive When It Comes to Brand Naming: Maria Cypher

December 7, 2023
By Anna Stark



Catchword Branding is an agency that provides sustainable branding strategies and solutions to diverse clients worldwide. They specialize in creating exceptional branding, naming, and visual identity while ensuring top-notch customer service. Recently, GoodFirms interviewed Maria Cypher, Co-Founder, Partner, and Creative Lead of Catchword Branding, in which she highlighted their dedication to excellence.

Catchword Branding is a reputable, award-winning creative agency with extensive experience and an impressive business portfolio. They can handle multiple projects, making them a reliable branding partner. With a team of qualified and creative professionals, they strive to inspire and engage the world through their impactful branding strategies, helping businesses globally.

Catchword has delivered various product namingbranding, and visual identity projects.

The company’s facts & figures


      • 1300+  Projects across industries

      • 78        Naming and branding awards

      • 650+   Clients, including 50 Fortune Global 500

    Catchword has been recognized as one of the top naming agencies in California by GoodFirms, a platform known for its authentic client reviews.

    The GoodFirms team interviewed Maria Cypher, Catchword Branding’s Co-Founder, Partner, and Creative Lead, to learn more about the company and its values.

    Let’s begin with the interview.

    Catchword Branding’s Backstory and Maria Cypher’s Role in It

    According to Ms. Cypher, Catchword, a branding company, was founded in 1998 during the early days of the Internet, also known as the “Wild West” era. Its headquarters are located in Oakland, CA. At that time, few firms specialized in product naming, and those that needed more creativity in brand naming.

    Catchword was established to fill this gap, focusing on working with startups and large tech brands like Intel, HP, Cisco, and Asana. Catchword’s creative team came up with the name “Asana.” The company has since expanded its services to other industries, such as biotech, healthcare, financial services, consumer products, and automotive.

    As a co-founder and creative lead, she oversees brand naming and generates hundreds or thousands of potential names weekly. Her primary focus is on managing the back end of the business and contributing to various internal activities that help maintain the integrity of the client’s brand development and ensure an innovative brand experience.

    A Professional and Assertive Business Approach

    Ms. Cypher mentioned that the company has a fantastic in-house team of branding specialists and partners who are always ready to collaborate and join the projects to meet clients’ unique needs and ensure the best possible results.

    Regarding the competition, Catchword has been in the branding business for over 25 years and has established itself as a leading global brand naming company. The team is highly versatile and creative, providing tailored branding solutions to clients. Unlike many agencies that follow a one-size-fits-all approach, Catchword takes a comprehensive approach, ensuring their clients receive top-notch branding services that meet their needs.

    Catchword Offers a Wide Range of Services with Extensive Experience Across Multiple Industries

    The company caters to a diverse range of industries, such as tech, finance, healthcare, CPG, and automotive, as shared by Ms. Cypher. These industries contribute significantly to the company’s business, with half coming from repeat and retainer clients.

    At Catchword, they specialize in providing valuable services to their clients by focusing specifically on naming and branding. Their comprehensive services include brand strategy development involving positioning, architecture, messaging, and visual identity design, encompassing logos, wordmarks, identity systems, templates, and guides.

    The company also offers domain name consulting and cultural analysis services. Catchword is dedicated to delivering high-quality work that helps its clients achieve their business objectives and stand out in their respective markets.

    These reviews from GoodFirms demonstrate how Catchword Branding fulfills its clients’ expectations.

    The Payment Structure Is More Solid While Still Keeping the Budget Flexible

    During the conversation, Ms. Cypher discussed the company’s payment structure, which is determined by the project’s scope and duration. The majority of the company’s clients opt for the fixed-budget payment model.

    Catchword guarantees to meet its client’s budgetary requirements while ingeniously devising the optimal solutions to propel their business towards success. No minimum budget constraints exist, and this flexible process is globally acclaimed for its reliability, comprehensiveness, and customized approach. The company’s services cater to startups and large enterprises, ensuring each client receives the best possible outcome.

    The Well-Established Futuristic Vision

    Ms. Cypher shared Catchword’s vision for the next decade. The company will maintain its legacy of providing exceptional brand naming services that are in high demand across the globe. They have expanded their business reach by offering brand strategy development and visual identity services and have opened two new offices. Catchword aims to inspire and build more trust in this highly competitive market.

    Catchword has mastered the strategic and creative approach needed for visual identity services due to the increasing competition in trademarks.

    You can also go through this detailed interview on GoodFirms.

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