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How to develop a perfect name for your company, product, or service
You know the 10 Qualities of Great Brand Names and you've reviewed your naming brief, but choosing a great brand name from a list of candidates is still tough. We've got you!
There are many factors to consider when evaluating naming agencies, including clients and experience, portfolio of naming work, range of...
Naming your new company is a huge opportunity. Get it right, and you’ll have a powerful tool to express your...
The military uses them. Apple uses them. Pretty much any kid with a walkie-talkie uses them.
Tips for how businesses can make sure their name will stand the test of time
Here’s the truth behind what it really takes to succeed as a professional namer.
At Catchword, if we had a nickel for every client who expressed concern about “bad” meanings associated with proposed brand...
A brand name is a very, very short story. It’s a powerful tool to connect with the people you want to reach, a kind of shorthand for your audience’s relationship with you. But what makes a brand name great?

Don’t know your Aphesis from your Euphemism?