full-service naming & visual identity

Finding your brand essence and creative sweet spot, Catchword crafts names and identities that are seen, heard, and felt worldwide.


Catchword creates world-class names that speak directly to our clients’ DNA and position them for the greatest possible success. Catchword names are on cars and in malls, on grocery shelves and app stores, on billboards and at the opening bell of the NYSE. Sparking imaginations and connecting to enduring human stories, our names have become a part of the very culture around us.

visual identity

Life is visual. It isn’t complete without color and form, and neither is your brand. Our logos and wordmarks, identity systems, templates, and comprehensive style guides seamlessly integrate with strategy to richly realize your new name and other brand elements.

Selected Work



Fitbit Wearables

How can we help you?

Branding work is hard, and naming, especially, is a much bigger challenge than most realize (it’s only your most valuable brand asset). So where do you begin? We’d be happy to chat with you about all your needs.