Names that shape the world

Brand names are more universally recognized than just about any cultural component. They are our modern mythology (and for many brands, that connection is crystal clear: Amazon, Alibaba, Nike). These are the stories that inspire your audience to want to know more, to want to be part of the tale, to become ambassadors to the world.

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No other naming company has as strong and diverse a track record for developing successful brand names as Catchword. With a process honed over a quarter century, we dive deep into who and why you are to develop a name that authentically expresses your mythos, differentiating you from competitors and helping audiences understand, remember, and build a bond with you.

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When you love what you do, it shows in the work.And people notice.

Clutch | 2017–2022

#1 Naming Agency Worldwide


MUSE Creative Awards | 2019–2022

Corporate Identity / Brand Naming


Transform Awards | 2018–2020

Naming Strategy


Hermes Creative Awards | 2019–2022

Excellence in Brand Naming


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Developing a fantastic brand name is not easy, and not something most people—even seasoned marketing professionals—do very often. We’ve got you! Our two decades working and thinking about branding have yielded some wisdom, which we share below and in our Insights & Resources. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, reach out. We’re happy to chat.