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Brand names are more universally recognized than just about any cultural component. They are our modern mythology (and for many brands, that connection is crystal clear: Amazon, Alibaba, Nike). These are the stories that inspire your audience to want to know more, to want to be part of the tale, to become ambassadors to the world.

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No other naming company has as strong and diverse a track record for developing successful brand names as Catchword. With a process honed over a quarter century, we dive deep into who and why you are to develop a name that authentically expresses your mythos, differentiating you from competitors and helping audiences understand, remember, and build a bond with you.

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Developing a fantastic brand name is not easy, and not something most people—even seasoned marketing professionals—do very often. We’ve got you! Our two decades working and thinking about branding have yielded some wisdom, which we share below and in our Insights & Resources. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, reach out. We’re happy to chat.

A great name is engaging and memorable, distinctive, authentic to the brand, flexible and enduring, culturally sensitive, available and protectable, concise, easy to spell and pronounce by target audiences, natural sounding, and visually evocative.

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We aren’t attorneys, but if your name is anything other than generically descriptive, we recommend you try to protect it. Registering your mark with the trademark office (as opposed to simply asserting trademark with a superscript ™), provides additional protection against imitators. Trademark registration is especially important in “first-to-file” jurisdictions where business owners can only obtain rights to their names by being the first to register them as trademarks. However, even in “first-to-use” jurisdictions such as the United States, Canada, and Australia, in which business owners obtain rights to their names by virtue of their use of the names in commerce, trademark registration can be very helpful—particularly, by establishing a concrete, definitive date when a trademark right is claimed.

Please consult a trademark attorney for more information.

Your company or product name and your domain name are different business assets, and they don’t have to be the same. If you discover that the corresponding .com domain for your business name is in use or unavailable for purchase, you can (1) choose a different domain name; (2) choose to add a descriptive term (we chose because was not available); (3) choose a creative domain name or expression that ties into your company name (Oscar Insurance picked when was not available); or (4) choose another top-level domain extension (TLD), such as .net, .co, .io.

Product and company naming fees depend on the scope and complexity of the project as well as the level of client management and other considerations like accelerated timeline. There’s a huge difference between providing a creative blast of descriptive names for a low-fat version of an existing ice cream brand and naming a new semiconductor company for a global market, with multiple stakeholders and rounds of creative.

Contact us so we can scope out your project and provide you with an accurate estimate.

For a standalone naming project (not part of a complete brand package), the process includes

  • Discovery (brand immersion through interviews and review of materials)
  • Naming Parameters (defining the messages, name styles to explore, and other considerations)
  • Name Creative (developing typically thousands of name candidates and working with client to get to a few finalists)
  • Prescreening (preliminary screening for trademark, domain name, social media and other availability, optional linguistic & cultural screening)


The naming timeline varies depending on how much strategy work will be included beforehand, how crowded the marketspace is, what regions are involved, number of stakeholders (especially if they have limited availability), naming style preferences, and trademark and domain-name needs. We recommend at least 6–8 weeks, not including formal legal vetting and, if needed, customer research or global linguistic/cultural screening.