Industry: Food & Beverage


Domain for Feastables, an social media influencer-created organic chocolate bar and snack company

Cheez-It Puff’d

A cheesy, airy, puffed new Cheez-It snack product

Case Study

Cheez-It Product Names

Naming two new Cheez-It snack product lines


Domain name for Protella, a brand that produces specialized chocolate-based products in its different forms

Sam ’76

A lager/ale hybrid beer from Boston Beer with a focus on American-sourced ingredients

Dunkin Croissant Stuffers

Dunkin’s new hot croissant filled with meat and cheese

Beach St.

New line of hard sodas made with pure vodka, carbonated water, and fruit zest

Cheez-It Snap’d

A light, crispy, and curvy new Cheez-It snack product


Natural horse feed provider that uses locally and sustainably sourced ingredients and next generation science

Case Study


Naming the original healthier, lighter potato chip snacks

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