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When Kellogg’s approached Catchword to name an exciting new type of Cheez-It, we immediately requested samples. You know, for creative inspiration.

The new snack had all the crispiness and 100% real cheese of the original Cheez-It baked cracker but with a new curvy form factor and even more satisfying crunch. These irresistible bites were just as munchable, bingeable, and delicious as we expected.

After we developed more than 1,600 names for the product, Kellogg’s adopted Snap’d, underscoring a crunchy, crispy mouthfeel and establishing a new and distinctive name style for the Cheez-It brand.

Not long after Snap’d debuted, Kellogg’s came back to us to help name another extension of the Cheez-It line: a puffed, melt-in-your-mouth cracker perfect for snacking anytime. Given the success of the Snap’d name, and its distinctive construction, the “dropped-e-apostrophe-d” seemed a logical naming convention for new Cheez-It products—but we explored hundreds of alternatives just in case. In the end, Kellogg’s adopted Puff’d, which we heartily approved of.

Both snacks have been huge hits with multiple new flavors (try Scorchin’ Hot Cheddar if you want a serious pickmeup), and Snap’d is now available internationally.

We can’t wait to see the next snack from this stalwart American brand (Cheez-It celebrated its 100th year in 2021)!

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