Name Game #12: Name That Brand


The Name Game has stumped even the savviest brand experts. See if you can guess the famous company or product name described in each game below.

5 clues. 1 famous brand name. 0 shame in defeat.

Game #12: Name That Brand

  • 1868
  • Hot and humid
  • 600 – 8000
  • Three ingredients
  • Two ounces per year
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    Answer #12: Tabasco

    Edmund McIlhenny created TABASCO brand Pepper Sauce in 1868 (Clue #1) on Avery Island, Louisiana, and the McIlhenny Company remains privately held by his descendants to this day. Although the origin of the name TABASCO is uncertain, some scholars believe it originates from a Native American word meaning “the land where the soil is hot and humid” (Clue #2). The natural compound responsible for the fiery nature of TABASCO sauce is capsaicin. Its perceived potency is measured on the “Scoville” scale and ranges from a zesty low of 600 for TABASCO Green Pepper Sauce to an eye-watering high of 8000 (Clue #3) for TABASCO Habanero Pepper Sauce. The classic TABASCO Pepper Sauce is made of three simple ingredients (Clue #4): fermented red pepper aged in white-oak barrels, high grain vinegar, and a dash of Avery Island salt. Although it has a shelf life of five years, it takes the average American one year to consume the typical two-ounce bottle (Clue #5).


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