LiveScribe in the news!


“Livescribe’s “Smartpen” adds a microphone and a small display on the side of the pen. A user can tap on a section of written notes, for example, and call up a recording in the pen of what an instructor was saying when those words were written. Mr. Marggraff, who expects to deliver the device in October for less than $200, plans to create a community of programmers to write exchange applications for the Smartpen. “I believe this will affect the way people think,” he says.”

Read more at the Wall Street Journal, May 30, 2007

We’re very proud of this new name – and the product is awesome! We’ve noticed a trend in company naming lately – back to the “two-words-put-together” style that was the norm in the 1990s. Now it’s very Web 2.0, especially when the words provide an interesting contrast to each other.


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