Service Type: Product Naming

Case Study


Line of lightweight, highly packable garments whose innovative insulation tech sustainably delivers warmth and durability


Powerful application suite for healthcare facilities and senior living market strategy planning and development


Customizable professional development platform from ASCD that helps educators and administrators hone their skills

Xilinx Kria

Portfolio of programmable chips and boards that enable rapid deployment in edge-based applications

LeapFrog Kidget

Gadgets to help kids “get it”—preschool tech toys that teach, including Alphabet Explorer and My Pal Scout

Fill the Glass

Customer service training video series that helps employees turn ordinary service into extraordinary encounters

Xilinx Content 360

Sales enablement tool for Xilinx, leading supplier of programmable logic devices later acquired by AMD


Invisible, fast, teeth-straightening technology that delivers a command-performance smile without the hassle of braces or aligners

FICO Brand Architecture

Brand architecture, naming protocol, and product naming for analytics software and credit scoring giant FICO (formerly Fair Isaac)

RMS UnderwriteIQ

SaaS that streamlines underwriting for insurers, trading companies, banks, and more with industry-leading data, modeling, and analysis

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