Service Type: Product Naming

Case Study

Boston Scientific Vitalyst

Minimally invasive, temporary heart pump system for high-risk interventions to treat coronary disease

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The North Face Dream

Super-foam midsole that delivers enhanced propulsion and exceptional comfort in running and hiking footwear

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DELFI FirstLook

The first high-sensitivity liquid biopsy test in the US for early lung cancer detection

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Veterinary healthcare platform that seamlessly connects practices and pet owners via digital tools

Case Study

TikTok In the Mix

First-of-its-kind live global music event featuring genre-defining artists and emerging stars


Domain name for a line of food products from MrBeast, the most subscribed person on YouTube and the highest-paid YouTube creator in 2022

Case Study

The North Face Circaloft

Line of lightweight, highly packable garments whose innovative insulation tech sustainably delivers warmth and durability


Powerful application suite for healthcare facilities and senior living market strategy planning and development


Customizable professional development platform from ASCD that helps educators and administrators hone their skills

Xilinx Kria

Portfolio of programmable chips and boards that enable rapid deployment in edge-based applications

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