How to hire a branding agency

January 21, 2022
By Haldis Toppen



Having a brand or branding your company isn’t something new. Ever since supply-chain management of materials and supplies became a national and federal norm, consumers have been familiar with brand-named companies. However, as the market for goods and services has expanded and become competitive, ensuring your brand is on point is more important than ever. Creating a brand has even become common for personal use; like when you apply for a job—the employer will ask you who you are and what you stand for, another way of saying “what is your brand?” In this article, we discuss the different types of branding services, the pros, and cons of hiring a freelancer vs. an agency, how to find a branding agency and we will hear from some of our experts for some tips. …

“Be clear on what services you really need. Are you looking for brand strategy and positioning, with naming and logo to emerge from that? Do you need help with website design and development? Ongoing digital marketing? Do you want one firm to manage everything, or are you open to best-of-breed services from multiple agencies? Branding firms tend to be known for different specialties, and you can hire anything from a dedicated naming firm with design and strategy expertise to a full-service branding and digital agency that views naming as a loss leader.”

—Maria Cypher, Cofounder, Catchword Branding

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