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An expert approach to brand name development.

Catchword is one of the world's leading brand naming agencies, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, and New York City. Since 1998, we have worked with over 500 companies across sectors, while pioneering many naming best practices. We are experts in every aspect of name development, including naming strategy and architecture, product and company naming, and linguistic and legal screening. Our client engagements range from quick-turnaround projects with startups to retainer relationships with multiple Fortune 500 clients. We look forward to hearing about your naming need.

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Featured Business and Product Naming Work

We’ve named hundreds of brands. Here are a few faves.

Award–Winning Naming & Branding Agency

Product & Company Naming Services

Naming firms have different capabilities. We provide every strategic and creative service needed for brand naming success.

Name & Tagline Creation

We’ve been naming companies and products for every kind of business since 1998. For over two decades, we’ve honed our creative process to a science to offer consistently outstanding services in brand name development and tagline creation.

Naming Strategy

Like a well-designed house, naming architecture should be welcoming and intuitive, so it’s easy for customers to find their way to the brands they want. Is your portfolio of names easy to navigate, or an off-putting maze that confuses customers and internal audiences? If you’re not sure, we’re here to help.

Trademark Screening

Precision strategy and deep creative are critical to name development, but they don’t do much good if your amazing name is not available. Catchword vets names preliminarily for trademark and domain availability and to uncover any unpleasant associations.

Linguistics & Research

Our linguistic and cultural evaluation is backed by an international network of native speakers in more than 100 languages. Our screening will protect you from globalization embarrassment. We can also help you utilize customer research the right way to glean maximum insight.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

A thoughtful, purposeful strategy is the foundation of every great brand. From product development and corporate culture to marketing communications and packaging, brand strategy should inform every aspect of your business—internal and external. Read about the various brand strategy services we provide in collaboration with our branding partners.

Design Services

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing our brand names come to life through design. Catchword can assist with everything from logos and wordmarks to identity systems and websites, ensuring your new brand stands out across all brand touchpoints.
Catchword Accelerator

Need an exact dot-com domain for your company or product?

The Catchword Accelerator is a collection of ultra-premium brandable dot-com domains—merging the best in messaging, memorability, length, and flow.

Like our work, our clients span the spectrum.

Wordsmiths, storytellers, and strategists. Meet your team of Naming Experts.

Meet the Catchword Team

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"The Catchword team are truly experts in the field of naming and have a passion for linguistics, naming, and marketing. While they are extremely creative, they are grounded in reality and have a solid understanding of trademark law."
- Director, Corporate Branding & Marketing, Corning
"Catchword has been our agency of record. They tend to overdeliver, which is great from a client’s perspective. We have a very close, trusting, and collaborative relationship."
- Susanne Teichmann, Brand Manager, Plantronics
"Creativity, expertise, and meticulousness are hallmarks of their work. I wish I could have somebody at Catchword on call at all times. They’re outstanding across the board."
- Brand Director, Global Professional Services Network
"Catchword excels at understanding and distilling complex technical concepts into simple, meaningful branding recommendations. They were able to provide a voice and perspective that just isn’t possible from within the organization."
- Marketing Director, RIM (now BlackBerry)
"The process was absolutely fabulous. You went above and beyond. It was a HUGE success. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future clients. I would be honored."
- Gail Tifford, VP Media and Engagement, Unilever North America
"The team is supportive of goals and mindful of critical timelines. Future clients can expect timely solutions and a professional engagement. We are very pleased with their work."
- Roger Koman, Vice President, Eggland’s Best
"We've had incredible success in every engagement with Catchword. They are consummate professionals and exceptional at what they do."
- Peggy Burke, CEO, 1185 Design

Naming & Branding Resources

Whether you’re naming a product or company, we’ve got resources to help you.

Creating the Perfect Name

Creating the Perfect Name

Downloaded by countless marketing professionals and business owners, "Creating the Perfect Name" is the perfect self-help resource for professionals tasked with naming a new product or having to name or rename a company or business. Chock full of helpful brand naming tips, including how to create blockbuster brand names, the different types of brand names, the ins and outs of trademark screening, how to create a strategy for naming your product or company, considerations when taking your brand name global, and a whole lot of other good stuff!
Download The Guide Now
10 Qualities of Great Brand Names

10 Qualities of Great Brand Names

Catchword’s "10 Qualities of Great Brand Names" is an essential companion to "Creating the Perfect Name," and the perfect resource for anyone just beginning to create a new product or company name, or at the end of a brand naming process. These are the same criteria Catchword uses when we’re evaluating names for appropriateness and appeal. Measuring your brand names against these criteria will ensure you’re moving forward with the best brand name for your product or company.
Download the list now

How to create great names

Let Catchword founder, Executive Creative Director, and renowned naming expert Maria Cypher explain how to create great product and company brand names.

How to trademark a name

Let Catchword partner and naming expert Mark Skoultchi provide you with an overview of trademark law and considerations when screening names for availability.

How to evaluate brand names

Let Catchword partner and naming expert Mark Skoultchi walk you through how to evaluate brand names for appropriateness before making a final name decision.