Five minutes with Maria Cypher

June 7, 2021
By Elettra Scrivo



Maria Cypher, co-founder and creative lead with U.S. naming agency Catchword Branding, speaks to Transform magazine about the ins and outs of naming, including unique challenges of company naming, the difference between company and product naming and why this is such an important part of a brand identity.

What is the difference between company and product naming?

Although there are many process similarities, company naming is usually more logistically challenging, with more stakeholders and greater legal and domain-name requirements. With company naming, it’s essential that the name not limit expansion into adjacent or entirely new business areas. This means that names tend to be less functional and more aspirational and metaphoric in nature.

Maria Cypher, Catchword cofounderAnother difference is that product names can be localized to different markets and cultures, but company names usually need to travel well and resonate across borders…

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