Does your business apply for awards?

November 11, 2022
By Rebecca Lubecki



Awards are a great way to boost your business’ accolades and credibility. Here’s how UpCity customers are taking charge.

Awards are great for your business, not to mention it always feels good to be the recipient of one. But the truth is we’re not always nominated by someone else for one and sometimes you need to apply yourself to be a winner. That can feel awkward, especially in a society that praises those who are humble and don’t brag.

Sometimes, the only way to get the recognition your business deserves is by taking matters into your own hands and applying for an award yourself. Here’s how UpCity customers are making their presence known amongst their competitors and target audience. …

Which Awards Are Worth Applying To?

“We decide based on the reputation of the competition, appropriateness of its categories for the sort of work we do (naming, brand strategy, visual ID), and, to a lesser extent, cost of entry.”

– Erin Milnes, Creative Director at Catchword Branding

What Tips Do You Have For Small Business Owners Trying To Win An Award?

“First identify why you want awards. Is it for validation internally, to persuade potential clients that you’ve got the goods, to improve your score with agency rankers, SEO, or something else? Once you figure that out, you’ll know how and how much to promote a win. (Note that potential clients aren’t likely to choose your agency simply because you won some awards—which they most likely haven’t heard of unless they are in the business—but these accolades could edge you out over a competitor).

– Erin Milnes, Creative Director at Catchword Branding


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