Industry: Media & Entertainment

Case Study

TikTok Effect House

Naming the new augmented reality creator platform for TikTok


App that helps concert-goers find the best live music nearby

Case Study


Developing a name and tagline for a new music streaming company, platform, and service that better connects artists and fans


Naming the completely immersive narrative video game series from FoxNext and three of its lead games

Puzzle & Glory

Match-3, free-to-play, mobile role-playing game for SEGA


Online music store developed jointly by Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment

Big Lead

Destination sports website with intelligent analysis, strong opinion & breaking news

Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild

THQ's epic jet-ski race around the world

Roku Express, Premiere, Ultra

Three consumer tech products for the leader in streaming media


Renamed Media Machines, whose innovative technology enables livelier, richer 3D virtual worlds (vivid + activity)

Don’t know your Aphesis from your Euphemism?