Industry: Industrial & Energy

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Unifying brand for global engineering standards, safety, practices, and innovation organizations in the mobility sector


Domain name for Copacity, outsourced renewables experts who serve as "in-house" consultants

TrinityRail ReVu360

Online, 360-degree, detailed evaluation solution for evaluating railcars before purchase, eliminating costly in-person review at the plant

TrinityRail Trinsight

Next-gen digital platform that monitors sensor-equipped rail cars and their freight in real time, from origin to destination.


(Formerly Advantage Midstream) Sustainable manufacturer that converts pollutants to eco-friendly everyday products


Line of sustainable derived natural ingredients to improve performance, efficiency, application, and sensory appeal across a range of beauty industry categories

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An end-to-end digital manufacturing solution that automates 3D printing, accelerating product development and delivery


High-performance liner hanger systems for the most challenging well environments

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Ply Gem Elements

Naming a line of innovative weather-resistant siding from Ply Gem, the leader in exterior home products

Corning Evolv

Hardened connectivity solution family that offers the smallest terminals for FTTx networks

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