Global engineering standards, safety, and innovation

Corporate identity for global professional organization

Background & Challenge

Since 1905, SAE International has created industry standards, fostered innovation, and aided professional development for engineers. SAE ITC’s global consortia enable members to collaborate in a neutral, precompetitive setting to define and pilot best practices, while PRI audits and accredits global supply chain oversight and quality management systems. Together, these affiliates provide engineers an essential portfolio of programs, products, and services to fuel innovation and drive prosperity. They are responsible for the standards, safety, and practices of automotive, aerospace, medical devices, manufacturing, defense tech, and other industries where quality is critical, impacting the lives of millions worldwide.

Realizing that tomorrow will demand ever greater efficiencies and cooperation, the affiliates decided to unify under an umbrella brand. They asked Catchword to develop the new brand’s identity—a modern, global execution that expresses the vision and values of the affiliates, unites them and their many subsidiaries under a single banner they will want to champion, yet enables the affiliates to retain independence.

Fullsight (formerly SAE Group)
Fullsight (formerly SAE Group)
Finance & Professional
Industrial & Energy
Brand Positioning
Company Naming
Linguistic & Cultural Analysis
Visual Identity

Positioning THE BRAND

After dozens of stakeholder interviews, 100+ surveys, competitive audits, and other research, we identified brand pillars and discovered two audience misconceptions: that the affiliates focus solely on North America and are generally resistant to change.

All of these findings informed the internal positioning, Progress, Together—an expression of how the affiliates work with each other and with customers, industry, institutions, and students to drive innovation and growth. 


Once the foundations were established, we guided the client through two rounds of name development (1800+ candidates), exploring themes suggested by the pillars and positioning and other relevant concepts such as mobility and insight. The client selected Fullsight, an approachable name that instantly conveys the spectrum of work, comprehensive understanding, and insight, while implying the unified affiliates’ end-to-end approach to engineering, and engineering careers. 

We recommended a tagline that would maintain the engineer-like no nonsense tone of the name while tying it to the aspirational vision of the organization: Higher Standard, Better World.


The Design

We reviewed 22 concepts with the client. The final design is an elegant, simple, modern logotype—all cap sans serif type with the “i” treated as a symbol. Despite being very simple, the symbol communicates a range of impactful ideas such as end-to-end, top to bottom, mobility and progress (i.e., getting you from here to there), and balance and impartiality. In addition, the notion of two people connecting (speaking to cooperation, teaching, and service) and on opposite sides of the world (suggesting global reach) are teased out in the design.

The symbol was extended into a visual element for the identity suite and is a rich resource for future design.

As part of the identity suite, we delivered a variety of templates in addition to the style guide and business system.


Fullsight was rolled out in 2023, with CEO David Schutt explaining the new brand in three videos that lean heavily on the brand positioning and visuals that we developed. The company’s site likewise leverages the Catchword designs and language.

We were delighted to see the new brand rolled out with pride and openness. In fact, the transparency with which the leadership team shared the branding process to internal stakeholders (including identifying Catchword as its branding partner) serves as a perfect example of the company’s brand values in action.

MUSE Creative Awards, Gold, Brand Identity
Transform Awards North America, Bronze, New Brand Development
Creative Communication Awards (C2A), Honorable Mention, Corporate Identity

Fullsight embodies the coordinated and cohesive value we provide to our industry stakeholders. This total insight helps them and us unleash new technologies and new possibilities, and through a higher standard deliver a better world.”

David Schutt | CEO, Fullsight

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