Industry: Health & Biotech


Domain name for Flexterity, an online physiotherapy solution designed by experts, families, and patient groups to support children with neuromuscular diseases.


New name and visual identity for DNAMx, an emerging leader in medical screening and diagnostics

Case Study


Naming the first and only eye drop treatment for presbyopia (age-related blurry near vision), a condition affecting 128 million Americans

Allergan pHast

Proprietary technology for Allergan that allows for rapid adjustment to eye pH


Domain name for Centrient Pharmaceuticals, a sustainable leader in antibiotics, statins and anti-fungals


Domain name for Motegrity, a brand-name prescription drug that's approved for use in adults to treat chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC).


Domain name for Trajector, a company that helps people with disabilities receive the benefits they are medically, legally and ethically qualified for


Helped rename clinical-stage specialty pharma company developing drugs to help patients with serious, debilitating disease

Canexia Health

Renamed an innovator in next-generation sequencing and cancer diagnosis


Line of sustainable derived natural ingredients to improve performance, efficiency, application, and sensory appeal across a range of beauty industry categories

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