Intel Optane in Gizmodo

By Gizmodo Staff

December 21, 2017

Another hellish year on this mortal plane is about to come to a conclusion. Soon, hopefully, the abject mediocrity will fade and we’ll forget everything that was boring or bland. Instead, we’ll remember only the very best and the very worst. Being that this is a blog ostensibly about gadgets we felt it was important to remind you of the twenty very best gadgets from this year. Hopefully you’ll remember some of them with fondness as the world grinds on. …

Intel Optane Memory

It was just two years ago that Intel and Micron Technology announced an entirely new form of computer memory that was non-volatile like flash, but nearly as fast as DRAM. The tech has since been limited to storage devices that cost thousands of dollars. Intel Optane memory is the first attempt to employ the tech at a level priced for people like you and me and it’s been worth the wait. The stick, which ranges in price from $45 to over $70 depending on storage size, lets you speed up old hard drives, sometimes giving them twice the speed. That’s a handy speed bump for a cost of dinner and a movie – Alex Cranz

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