Intel Adaptix in TechSpot

By Tim Schiesser

October 23, 2019

We were pleasantly surprised recently when we looked at the Core i7-10710U. This was the first demonstration of what Intel can still do on 14nm to squeeze more performance. The 10710U packs six cores and twelve threads into a 15W package. Even though this CPU runs below 2.0 GHz in long term tests to get all those cores working within such a tight TDP, it still managed to deliver up to 30% more performance than 8th-gen CPUs. …

Moving on, you will want to know Comet Lake comes with a few additional features compared to previous-gen products, so it isn’t a simple refresh with different clock speeds. We’re now getting support for memory up to DDR4-2666 speeds or LPDDR4x-2933, as well as native Wi-Fi 6 support. But the bigger improvement comes in the form of something called Intel Adaptix, which we didn’t cover in our Core i7-10710U review as it wasn’t enabled on the laptop we tested.

Adaptix is a feature new to not just Comet Lake, but 10th-gen CPUs in general, so right now this also includes Ice Lake. It’s a new version of Intel’s dynamic tuning technology that takes turbo boosts a step further than we’ve seen previously in a mobile form factor. …

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