Indeed Flex in WhatNews?

By Naga Sharanappa

July 12, 2021

British firms are increasing salaries rapidly to overcome the difficulty of attracting employees as pandemic restrictions are relaxed with increasing inflation pressure.

According to data from the Federation of Recruitment and Employment, KPMG and IHS Markit, the initial salary increase was close to the highest level in seven years, and all regions in the UK. The job site Indeed stated that, in particular, hospitality companies are increasing salaries, and some companies offer login bonuses to attract employees. …

“Companies are trying all sorts to encourage applications — even paying people to turn up to interviews,” said Novo Constare, founder and chief operating officer of the company’s flexible working platform, Indeed Flex. “A lot of people may have moved sector. Although they may want to return to hospitality, they may be scared of being let go or put on furlough again. They’re not ready to make that jump back yet.”

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