Hitachi Vantara and Lumada in Automation World

By David Greenfield

February 25, 2020

Positioning itself as a major supplier of digital transformation technologies to companies such as Ericsson and Logan Aluminum through its Hitachi Vantara business, Hitachi also highlights use of its Lumada IIoT technologies at its Omika Works factory.

In the world of automation technologies dominated by well-recognized names, the name Hitachi Vantara may not ring familiar. You’re likely aware of the name Hitachi from its many consumer technologies and the fact that it is the 24th largest manufacturer in the world with 140,000 employees and 193 manufacturing facilities in 21 countries. …

James Destro, general manager of Hitachi Vantara’s manufacturing digital solutions practice, said the company’s Lumada software is designed to address: data integration and analytics; predictive and prescriptive maintenance; and inclusion of customer feedback into the improvement process. …

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