Bridgespan Group in New York Times

By Nicholas Kulish and Rebecca R. Ruiz

April 10, 2022

The Fortunes of MacKenzie Scott

Three decades after worrying about making rent, she is now giving away billions — all while trying to keep herself out of the spotlight.

The billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott once recounted, in a television interview, a Chinese folk tale sometimes known as “The Lost Horse.” The story is about the reversals of fortune a farmer experiences after his prized stallion runs away. It can also be read as a summary of her philosophy. …

Nonprofits soon began receiving calls and emails about enormous grants from an anonymous donor, often the biggest donation in the group’s history or the equivalent of a full year’s budget. Some of those approaches were from staff at the influential nonprofit consultancy Bridgespan, others from representatives at Lost Horse. The chosen charities were told they could not announce the gifts until the donor did. …

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