What happened to all the ‘good’ drug names?

By Beth Snyder Bulik

April 12, 2022

What happened to all the ‘good’ drug names? Inside the modern day dilemma of Rx naming

Prescription drug names often spark speculation, debates and sometimes derision, but they also stir curiosity.

That’s maybe never been more evident than during the Covid-19 pandemic, when vaccine names were dissected everywhere from Zoom water-cooler chats to late night TV talk show monologues. …

“Coming up with new names in pharma that are appropriate and available is just so hard. What you see happening now is that many new drug names are like alphabet soup—because they’re just the only things that are available,” said Laurel Sutton, a linguist and co-founder of naming agency Catchword who also serves as the president of American Name Society. …

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