American Name Society Names of the Year 2021

By Catchword

February 1, 2022

The American Name Society has announced that Great Resignation is the Name of the Year 2021.

“Also known as the Big Quit, the Great Resignation refers to an economic trend in 2021 where large numbers of people left their jobs with a record 4.3 million resigning in August 2021. The phrase was likely coined by Anthony Klotz, a professor at Texas A&M.”

The ANS, a scholarly organization founded in 1951, studies onomastics—names and naming practices—in the US and around the world. Laurel Sutton, Catchword co-founder and President of the ANS, led the group’s annual conference last month, which concluded with a vote on the names.

The other 2021 winners, familiar to just about anyone with a phone, cover a range of political and cultural phenomena.

Karen: Personal Name of the Year

United States Capitol: Place Name of the Year

Cyber Ninjas: Trade Name of the Year

Squid Game: Artistic Name of the Year

#FreeBritney: E-Name of the Year

CRT: Miscellaneous Name of the Year

Last year’s Name of the Year title was held jointly by Kamala and COVID-19.


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