Parents, please…

By Mark Skoultchi

August 1, 2008

Yet another embarrassing article on baby naming fiascos. (If you don’t want to read the article, here’s the gist: dad (Mr. Jones) names new baby “Dow” while mom is sleeping after giving birth. Previous child, Indiana, thinks it will all work out fine.)

I’ll at least give these folks credit for spunk. Still a mound of demerits for abusive behavior. And do you really want to be married to a guy who, on a dare, does something so stupid and so permanent while you’re still recovering from labor? File for the name change, then file for divorce.

These people are seriously making me rethink my second rule of baby naming (“don’t tell people what names you are considering before the child is named”). In this case, PLEASE, tell someone so they can talk you out of it. Then, get a clue. Or hire a naming consultant — maybe in that order.

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