Semtech launches Catchword-named PerSe, innovative sensing products

By Catchword

October 1, 2021

Catchword is thrilled to announce the launch of PerSe, the new portfolio of sensors that intelligently senses human presence for optimized connectivity and enhanced user experience for high-performance semiconductor supplier Semtech. Congratulations!

An industry leader since 1960, Semtech had developed a portfolio of sensing solutions for human interaction with mobile devices. For instance, in smartphones, sensing technologies are typically used to detect proximity of a human in order to regulate the device’s power. In wearables, sensors can be used to provide auto on-off capabilities (wear detection) or for gesture control (e.g., noise cancellation control, volume up/down, etc.).

The new sensing solution portfolio features best in-class sensitivity for optimal human presence detection allowing electronics manufacturers to enhance connectivity while complying with worldwide Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) regulations. The ultra-small, feature-rich sensing solutions are used to control and reduce radio frequency (RF) emission power in the presence of a human body, enabling significant performance advantages for manufacturers of electronic devices with radiation sources to meet stringent emission regulations criteria. The sensors are optimized for a wide range of battery-powered, portable applications such as smartphones, wearables, tablets, laptops, handheld gaming devices, and other consumer electronics.

Regardless of the application, key to all Semtech’s sensing technologies is that they detect human proximity and interaction as opposed to environmental elements. Not other company in the space has these human-focused capabilities.

Semtech planned for the portfolio brand name to develop into a differentiating ingredient brand, to help consumer electronics manufacturers distinguish their devices. Catchword was tapped to develop the portfolio name, strategy for naming the products within it, and the first set of product names.

A good product portfolio name needs to check many boxes, and this project was no exception.

  • Richly convey the brand themes and story
  • Express the brand personality and tone
  • Appeal to and engage target audiences
  • Separate the brand from the competition
  • Be easy to say, spell, and remember
  • Be ownable, trademarkable
  • Remain relevant as the product line evolves

Additionally, the name needed to make sense with the names of Semtech’s existing product families, particularly IoT product LoRa (“Long Range”), a name the client especially liked for its distinctiveness and intuitiveness (once you understand the derivation).

Catchword explored a variety of creative avenues, including extending the naming LoRa convention. PerSe is a common phrase from Latin that means “in and of itself” or “by itself,” and is also short for “Person Sensing” suggesting automated, independent human sensing capability. PerSe is a short, memorable two-syllable intercapped name—just like LoRa, enhancing naming consistency across Semtech. The name is easy to spell and say and works equally well for English-speaking and international audiences to convey a smart, savvy tone.

In addition to selecting PerSe for the umbrella brand, Semtech adopted Catchword’s recommended strategy for naming products within the portfolio, assigning the three descriptive names Connect, Connect Pro, and Control. These terms quickly telegraph the products’ end-benefits, while allowing the PerSe portfolio brand to stand out and accrue the most equity.

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