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Get your pencil ready—it’s the Catchword name game!


April 1, 2020

We thought you all might enjoy a little word-nerd distraction, courtesy of Andy Chuang and Discovery Education.

Top branding agencies

Erin Milnes

March 31, 2020

Whether colleague or competitor (or both!), these folks share the branding lens through which we view the world, and truly get why we love what we do.

Catchword named top naming firm by Clutch for 4th consecutive year

Erin Milnes

March 16, 2020

Consistent high marks, together with the company’s significant market presence, maintained Catchword’s lead in the burgeoning field of 2,775

Catchword’s Maria Cypher does the math on “+” brands in Time Magazine

Erin Milnes

March 2, 2020

“’The value of + is that it implies more, better, premium,’ explains Maria Cypher, … ‘without being specific as to content, scale, or degree of premium-ness.’

Dunkin’ Croissant Stuffers: Tasty’s baked into the name

Erin Milnes

February 18, 2020

The name Croissant Stuffers immediately lets you know you’re in for some hot, savory goodness that will fill your belly.

Top 10 traits of great namers: Do you have the right stuff?

Stevie Belchak

February 12, 2020

Here’s the truth behind what it really takes to succeed as a professional namer.

Goodbye, Storyscape. We’ll miss you!

Erin Milnes

February 5, 2020

For a fantasy and sci-fi geek like me, the Storyscape series was a dream project, and I loved playing the games.

2019 Round-Up: The Best Names, Words, Taglines, and More

Mark Skoultchi

December 19, 2019

Two thousand nineteen: the year of VSCO girls, even more Netflix hits, climate activism, the passing of a Reddit icon, and (oh!) a slew of new and approved words. December is always a blast here at Catchword as we get to look back at the words, names, and taglines that rocked the branding world, and […]

Biotech innovator Kyn Therapeutics rebrands with new name from Catchword: Ikena

Erin Milnes

December 17, 2019

The Boston-based, clinical-stage biotechnology company, founded in 2016, discovers and develops patient-directed, biomarker-driven therapies for cancer patients who need life-saving treatment.

Celebrity pet names

Erin Milnes

December 11, 2019

According to, the number of pet names influenced by musicians, actors, royals, and other celebs is way up this year.