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Catchword recognized with 2019 Transform Award for Attain by Aetna

Erin Milnes

November 14, 2019

It is the second time in as many years that Catchword has taken home a trophy.
The name Attain, bold and slightly tech-y in tone, instantly expresses the empowerment and satisfaction of achieving your health goals through daily activity.

Why apps and startups have human first names these days: Catchword’s Laurel Sutton in Vox

Erin Milnes

November 7, 2019

You may have noticed that many money-related apps and services have human first names these days. News and opinion site Vox has noticed too and asked Catchword co-founder Laurel Sutton to help readers understand the trend.

Catchword-named Storyscape, narrative game from FoxNext, launches in US

Erin Milnes

November 5, 2019

Catchword recommended the name Storyscape for its clear expression of the expansive, immersive nature of each adventure.

Catchword: brand naming’s Clutch player

Erin Milnes

October 31, 2019

NBC Sports Group and PwC review their experience with Catchword. Our client-centric, proven process for creating stand-out, strategic names is why we have a perfect 5-star rating on leading agency review site Clutch.

MarCom Awards presents Catchword with gold for URSA: Music Extreaming

Erin Milnes

October 22, 2019

Catchword takes gold in its first entry to the competition, one of the largest and most-respected in the world.

Catchword shortlisted for Transform Award with Attain by Aetna

Erin Milnes

September 23, 2019

The name Attain, bold and slightly tech-y in tone, instantly expresses the empowerment and satisfaction of achieving your health goals through daily activity.

Have you heard the Knewz? Name review of News Corp’s new site

Alex Kelley

September 19, 2019

News Corp, the mass media conglomerate that owns Dow Jones & Company (publisher of The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s), the New York Post, The Times (of London), Foxtel (Australian TV), HarperCollins, and others, is launching a new news aggregation app and website: Knewz.

FUCT Schitt, Piss Off Fat Bastard: Catchword’s Raunchy Name Roundup

Erin Milnes

August 13, 2019

An assortment of the vulgar, offensive, oversexed, profane, scatological, and just plain tasteless

Vulgar, scandalous, immoral? SCOTUS says OK for trademark

Erin Milnes

August 6, 2019

SCOTUS unanimously ruled that the law enabled the government to discriminate against trademarks that espouse particular points of view and there fore violates the First Amendment’s protection of free speech.

Smart Home or Helpful Home? Catchword partner, Werner Brandl, weighs in on Google’s communication shift.

Mark Skoultchi

July 24, 2019

Werner Brandl, a close naming partner of Catchword in Germany, wrote an interesting piece on the use of “smart” to characterize today’s intelligent home products. In particular, Brandl’s piece focuses on Google (including its Nest brand of home products) and considers the search giant’s communication shift away from “smart home” to “helpful home.” Here is […]