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Your new name is one of the most powerful assets your company will ever have. Catchword provides copywriting services to help roll it out and help your audiences get to know your brand. Like taglines & descriptors, brand copy gives context to your name, fills out messaging, and strengthens memorability.

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Copywriting for Brands encompasses a variety of deliverables: 

  • Headlines, brand statement, and other short copy bits to support your new name and quickly communicate your brand.
  • Website and packaging copy and other marketing communications to ensure maximum impact for audience touchpoints.
  • A compelling brand story to energize your team and stakeholders and make it easy for customers to understand where you fit in their world.
  • A brand-story presentation or video is especially useful for company renames, to help stakeholders get excited and embrace the change that keeps your organization moving forward. Thoughtful internal messaging ensures staff buy-in and pride, while external presentations reinforce customers’ and investors’ reason to believe in your evolving brand.


When we work with you on brand copy following a naming project, our team is already steeped in your brand and prepared to integrate copy that reinforces and complements your naming messaging. We will continue to work closely with you to assess your unique communication needs and develop copy that resonates with your audience and is true to who you are.

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Developing a fantastic brand name is not easy, and not something most people—even seasoned marketing professionals—do very often. We’ve got you! Our two decades working and thinking about branding have yielded some wisdom, which we share below and in our Insights & Resources. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, reach out. We’re happy to chat.

A new name means a new brand, and we all know a new brand requires copy to communicate the functional and emotional benefits, brand promise, personality, and other meaningful aspects of the company, product, or service. Your new name is the result of weeks (possibly months) of brand immersion. Your naming company has worked closely with you to strategically map out audiences, messaging, style and tone, and other elements that make up your brand. It will save time and cost to leverage this existing knowledge and relationship for developing your other brand communications rather than start over with a new partner.

Yes. Chuck Guest and Erin Milnes handle the majority of copywriting at Catchword. Their complementary backgrounds cover virtually every mode of written communication, and they’ve been crafting messages and telling stories for more than 50 years combined.

Chuck has deep experience as an advertising copywriter for major agencies and influential brands. His ad work has been recognized with regional, national, and global awards, yet he feels some of his best writing is in internal communications, expressing the essence of a brand to the people who work there.

Erin’s writing and editing experience leans more to the longform, with a portfolio in web copy, web content, journalism, trade and text book publishing, and nonprofit communications. She makes sure there is a there there, especially important when cutting through media noise.

Like a great name, great branding copy succinctly communicates your brand and supports your marketing objectives. Successful copy knows its message, audience (and how to speak their language), and desired outcome. Great writing of any kind is the art of reduction, distilling lived experience into words on a page–or screen–that stick with your audience. 

The timeline is entirely dependent on the scope of the project. Adding site headlines and a brand statement to a company naming project, for example, may extend the project only two weeks, whereas developing copy for a complex and detailed website could take many rounds and several months. 

Copywriting services for new brand materials can run from a few thousand to tens of thousands. A brand manifesto or brand story is more involved to develop than short pieces, such as a brand statement, but not as time-intensive as longform copy, such as a detailed website. Costs vary accordingly. In a very basic sense, the more words, the higher the cost. However, just as with naming, it takes expertise and time to effectively express your brand.

Yes. Even if your name didn’t come from Catchword, we know what’s needed to support it. Although we acknowledge the efficiency of creating brand copy as an extension of the naming process, our copywriters are fast learners. We can quickly get up to speed and develop copy that gives your brand the context and emotional resonance it deserves.