Trademark Screening

Although strategic alignment and creative vitality are key to name development, at the end of the day, names must be available for use. Catchword’s expert preliminary search process ensures the greatest chance of success when name candidates undergo full trademark search. After all, there’s only one thing worse than finding out that the name you just fell in love with means “Your sister is a bag of hammers” in Samoan. And that’s finding out that it doesn’t—but you can’t legally own it.

Before recommending names, our search team screens them in the appropriate combination of USPTO, Google, and country and industry-specific databases—determined in discussion with your corporate counsel. (If you don’t have a good trademark attorney, we’re happy to recommend one.) If domain availability is required, we’ll also screen for .com availability and provide an opinion on purchasability.

Our extensive research allows us to present names that are much more likely to clear your counsel’s full trademark search. It also weeds out names that, while not legally infringing, raise marketing concerns because they might recall a competitor’s name (or a porn site, or a startup that went down in flames). Think of our trademark team as your attorney’s new BFF.

How to Trademark a Company or Product Name.


AVITA named by CatchwordCongratulations to AVITA for a successful launch in the Americas last month!

The Hong Kong-based manufacturer of laptops, smart home devices, and other consumer electronics designed to fit the modern lifestyle began distribution of its Clarus laptop through Walmart in June. Catchword named the company, which launched in Asia in 2017.

Catchword created the name AVITA to convey the natural way the company’s products facilitate real life and help you explore and express your own vibrant style (vita means “life” in Latin). The company continued this direction with its tagline, “Live it up.”

AVITA’s first American offering has gotten some nice press — here’s a preview from PC Magazine.

AVITA named by Catchword

Catchword is very proud to have partnered with AVITA and wishes the company every success!

Congratulations to AVITA for a successful launch in the Americas last month!