Company & Product Taglines

Developing a tagline to enhance and further position a brand is a natural and efficient extension of our naming services (and it’s fun!).

Powerful slogans are a great way to emotionally engage external audiences, galvanize internal ones, and improve brand recall. With the right tagline (also called a slogan or a strapline), you can reinforce messaging evoked by the brand name or provide new and complementary messaging. A functional tagline can help ground an abstract name, and an aspirational tagline can elevate a straightforward name.

A tagline may become a permanent part of a brand or may change over the years to support specific marketing goals and campaigns. “Just Do It,” probably the most famous tag ever, pushed Nike into the public consciousness far beyond sneaker consumers and is still being used 30 years later. Coca Cola has had dozens of taglines in its 100+ years, which express different aspects of the brand: “Delicious and refreshing,” “It’s the real thing,” “Coke adds life,” “Taste the Feeling.”

On the other hand, sometimes what’s needed is not a clever tagline but a word or phrase that plainly describes what your brand is — what we call a descriptor. Appending a descriptor to a brand name can be very helpful when you want to identify the industry or product category to which a brand belongs.

A descriptor is also a godsend if you’re looking for a way to expand upon a brand name to create an available domain name. We use one ourselves in our domain:

Have a peek at some of our Taglines & Descriptors.