Product & Service Naming

Product naming encompasses much more than products. It’s about services, concepts, ingredients, product lines and families, platforms, and solution suites across industries. We ensure a name not only expresses the essence of the product or service, but also fits in any existing product family. Marcia, Jan, and … Esmeralda? Not so much.

A savvy naming partner understands that every product is unique, every market distinct, and every naming objective different. At Catchword, we take the time to understand your product or service, your marketplace, and your naming goals.

Are you hoping to define a new category or simply distinguish your offering from competitors’?

Is it important to tie the new name to your portfolio, or does it need to stand apart?

Should the new name communicate a key brand message or create brand intrigue with an abstract concept?

Whatever your objectives, we’ll ensure we’re on the same page and deliver product and service names that address your goals.

Recent product naming projects include Attain (the new mobile health application from Aetna), Atlas (the new SUV from Volkswagen), FitStation (3-D scanning and printing tech for apparel retailers from HP), and Ursa (an exciting new music streaming service). Check out our Full Portfolio of Product & Service Names for more examples of our work.