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Background & Challenge

TikTok, the world’s leading video-focused social network, enables users to create short-form music, dance, and other videos. Content creators are the heart of TikTok—they entertain, innovate, and inspire their followers with their videos—so the platform developed Creator Marketplace to facilitate co-branding in 2019 and TikTok Creator Fund to reward creative excellence and popularity in 2020. 

A year later, TikTok expanded the ways that creators can monetize their content with additional tools and features, including LIVE video popularity, video gifts, and direct tipping from viewers. To facilitate use and capture more creator talent, the company needed a single access point for all the tools. This hub would help creators maximize monetization opportunities as they grow their communities, turning creator passion and imagination into something greater, whether as a side hustle or a business. 

Having worked with us before to name TikTok Effect House, the company turned to Catchword to develop a name for the hub. 


TikTok Creator Next, the name we developed, instantly expresses who the program is for—a key attribute given that 1.6 billion viewers and other groups like developers also use the platform. The name communicates both taking creators to the next level as well as promoting the next generation of creators. It fits perfectly with the straightforward name style of Creator Fund and TikTok’s other programs (TikTok Effect House, TikTok Rewards, TikTok for Good, and more) and is broad enough to encompass a variety of creator-related tools and features that might be added in the future.


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TikTok Creator Next launched in late 2021, with more than 100,000 influencer-creators and more than 50 million people identifying as content creators on the platform. The program continues to evolve with new features such as TikTok Series and subscriptions for creators who specialize in live content.

“TikTok Creator Next” is the next big thing for online content creators.

Casey Botticello | Blogging Guide | 1/2/23

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