Our Philosophy

Where Imagination Meets Rigor

At Catchword, we believe the best names arise when blue-sky thinking is grounded in serious analysis, imagination and rigor collide, and open-minded exploration complements a time-tested process. In this space of curiosity and contemplation, truly amazing brands are born, and so this is where you will find us. We are a tight-knit team of serious creatives and strategists tirelessly pushing bounds and vectoring in on the names our clients want, and need.

Our Purpose

To Maximize Client Success—and Impact Culture Itself

Forget simple market plays. At Catchword, we aim to consistently create world-class names that speak directly to our clients’ DNA and position them for the greatest possible success. But our work, our purpose, goes even beyond that—to making a real and positive mark on the world around us. Our names are on cars and in malls, on grocery shelves and app stores, on billboards and at the opening bell of the NYSE. Sparking imaginations and connecting to enduring human stories, our names have become a part of the very culture around us.