Street Names


How to name streets:

“The ground rules of the name game are deceptively simple: The home-buyer must be able to spell and pronounce the name. (Which explains why one sees so few streets named after Quetzalcoatl and other Aztec gods.) The Postal Service and public safety officials must deem the name sufficiently distinct to not be confused with others in the area.

Other than that, anything goes — almost. It’s best to steer clear of names that, as one consultant put it “might produce a violent reaction in the buyer.” While Bloody Creek Court and Dead Indian Road may have history on their side, they’re non-starters. You can’t go wrong with animals, another consultant said, “as long as it’s not something that will eat your pet.” ” New Street Names All Over The Map by David Plotnikoff, San Jose Mercury News 2/16/04

Or you could just make a grid and go with numbers and letters, like they do in Utah. Oh well, one day it’ll all be GPS coordinates, anyway.


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