Renaming the company won’t fix Facebook’s image problem

October 22, 2021
By Shira Feder


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Tech companies and other brands change their names more often than you might think—here’s why.

This week, news dropped that Facebook may be following the tried and true playbook of other tech giants like Alphabet (which subsumed Google), Snap Inc. (formerly Snapchat), and Apple (formerly Apple Computer). …

How does company renaming happen?

“Many people think that naming is the way you might have seen it in Mad Men, where people sit around a table drinking beer and just writing a few names down on a couple of scraps of paper,” says Laurel Sutton, cofounder of Catchword, which has created names for Asana, Fitbit, Intel and Upwork. “Maybe that was true then, but it’s not true anymore.” …

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