Rebranding the NYSE: Laurel Sutton on CNBC


Stock exchange

In the midst of the current financial wreckage, the big news is about a big buyout: the New York Stock Exchange is gonna get bought. At the moment it’s not clear who the new owners will be – the German exchange Deutsche Börse or the homegrown NASDAQ. And of course everyone is wondering about the new name, if there is one. Kayla Tausche from CNBC asked if I would comment on this story and so I took myself off to a little studio in San Francisco to hold forth. The piece is quite good (and there’s a transcript here) but if you blink you’ll miss me. I do like that I got to call Philip Morris’ marketing “shoddy” on national television.

P.S. Kayla had asked us to come up with some practical and a few humorous suggestions for the new name. Since they didn’t make it to air, I thought we should share:

NYDB Exchange

The Bigger Board

New German Stock Exchange

New Deutsche Stock Exchange

North Atlantic Stock Exchange

TransAtlantic Stock Exchange

Planetary Exchange (a more impressive word than “global”)

Solar Exchange

Galactic Exchange (taking a  cue from Virgin)

Germerica Exchange

Germanosaurus Rex (the biggest thing we could think of)


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