Race to Nowhere Takes Off



I’m really proud to announce the world premiere of a film we helped to name, Race to Nowhere. (Catchword also created the tagline: “The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture.”)

The film, which premiered to packed theatres this weekend at the Mill Valley Film Festival, is a documentary about the high-stressed lives faced by today’s adolescents. As a mom of three and a recovering overachiever, it’s an issue near and dear to my heart. Today’s kids often start having homework (which has almost no correlation with learning) by 1st grade; by high school, they’re dashing from seven hours of school to sports practice, to Kumon, to four hours of homework.

If you’re a parent of a tween or teenager, you already know what I mean! Something’s gotta give, and “Race to Nowhere” is the start of an important national dialog. The amazing Producer/Director of the film, Vicki Abeles, is in talks about national distribution, and I hope you’ll watch the film when it comes to the large or small screen near you. In the meantime, check out the trailer:


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