Pager to Phone to Pager: Seeker Unveils pipSqueak



We were delighted to learn that a project we worked on nearly three years ago has finally come to market. At this year’s CES, Seeker Technology debuted the pipSqueak, a handy little device that lets you know when you’ve got a call coming in. As they explain in their press,

PipSqueak noti­fies you when­ever your phone is receiv­ing a call. The noti­fi­ca­tion can be adjusted to any of sev­eral lev­els, includ­ing “vibra­tion only” to “vibra­tion, light & sound”. Upon being noti­fied, you may sim­ply retrieve/answer your phone.

It’s just the thing for people who have a tough time finding their phones when they do ring. The design is quite nice, and we’re proud of our name!


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